Things to do in Singapore: Sss Sbr Number

I  have tried  several times registering to SSS.. only failed at almost times because of the SBR number.

I proceeded  with the application today because I was thinking of paying my sss online.

Today i in conclusion registered to the online facility of SSS.

So how did i instruct the right SBR number.

Go through your receipts. I was successful alongside the receipt of IREMIT. Above the comment remarks in that place is the pose out labeled equally SSS trans Ref No. for event :  IR followed yesteryear half-dozen numbers :IR123345. Just re-create solely the numbers listed. for that pose out i purpose 123345. Wolahhhh  I was able to instruct trough it. Im glad now... i volition outset my payments online now. No require to instruct though long queue  at remittance centers hither inward singapore. 

And finally.. I received an email.. that I was successfully registeted.


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