Things to do in Singapore: [Cafe Hopping Inward Singapore] Le Halo Cafe (Tiong Bahru, Jalan Bukit Ho Swee)

This whimsical cafe, which brings dorsum memories of childhood, is non at the Tiong Bahru hipster surface area some the Tiong Bahru Market area. Rather' it's a fifteen mins walk along the housing estates too past times Singapore Examinations Board, behind the Tiong Bahru develop station.

Photos all taken past times the 18MP LG G4 rear-camera! Reviews coming soon!! 

Anyways, stride into the cafe too hold upward greeted past times everything vintage. Filled amongst brilliant splashes of colors, wake upward to the inner kid inwards you lot too relive your childhood memories. An 2d boost to your moody day. 

This quirky, lively cafe celebrates your sometime fourth dimension childhood memories amongst yesteryears games, furnitures, stationery too other picayune cute knick knacks to hold upward flora on every tabular array too along the wall. 

Chapteh? So cute right? 70s 80s vibe.

Here's what you lot tin order.
Heighten upward your happiness marking amongst the Fluffy Rainbow Cake $8.
How's that, Sunshine? As always, rainbow cakes brand me happy.

Afterwhich, how close a warm drinking glass of  Rose Cafe Latte $5.80.
Was worried it powerfulness hold upward too sweetness to instruct amongst the rainbow cake, simply the lady boss was form to assure she could pose inwards lesser rose syrup. In all, an awesome blend of sweetness rose too latte fragrance too enjoyed the drinkable much.

All the vintage, childhood games some you!

Visit this fun, quirky cafe, correct equally good Sin Lee Foods if you lot desire to pass some serenity time. Mains are served equally well,

iv Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-162 southward 162004
Lord's Day to Thurs: 1030-1800
Friday too Sat: 1030-2100



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