Things to do in Singapore: [ Nutrient Review] G Pavilion Cantonese Cuisine Too Cafe- Dim Amount Buffet ( Esplanade, Urban Pith Hall)

Dim Sum has e'er been a menage unit of measurement thing nosotros greatly enjoyed in addition to when the Groupon bargain came for Grand Pavilion came, nosotros merely had to choose handgrip of it. So here's my experience dining at Grand Pavilion, located within Esplanade. 

Step correct into the chinese homely setting at the fine-dining segment. They also convey a cafe department on the other side.

We had the lovely seats past times the windows which overlooks the Esplanade waterfront in addition to Marina Bay skyline.


The Dim Sum pick was buffet style- yes, everyone's favourite.
There were xxx selections on the buffet tick list, which was fairly reasonable. Ala-caret items from the principal menus are also available for add-ons. 

We had about jellyfish equally pickles to get-go off with.

Photo past times my talented, smart dad.

 Here's the galore! Needless to say, nosotros totally enjoyed the sumptuous Dim Sum spread which was neither likewise salty or oily overall. Plus, amongst the lovely ambience, glorious scenery correct nether your eyes, it was a matrimony of pleasance on the sensory in addition to visuals. That's the variety of afternoon DimSum nosotros should convey everyday every 1 time inward a while. 

In example you lot take about introduction, that's Deep Fried Spring Rolls amongst Chives three pcs $4.80 on the left in addition to Prawn Dumplings iv pcs $5.80 on the right.

Mum's favourite- Pan Fried Yam Cake w Preserved Meat. 4pcs $4.80
Popular exceptional on the menu, this was rispy on the exterior coated amongst yam strips in addition to soft on the inside. 

Dad's Favourite- Steamed Pork Ribs amongst Yam $5.80
We convey had our frequent pork ribs most this combination amongst yam gives the savory pork ribs the extra oomph. 

 Glutinous Rice amongst Abalone in addition to Drived Scallop $7. 
My parents adore gluey rice,but they are hardly my thing. 
This 'golden' rice even then works it for me amongst it's luxe ingredients in addition to it was a delectable tasty combi. The percentage was merely dainty in addition to makes proficient for sharing piece non feeling all bloated amongst the rice. 

Braised Pig Trotters amongst Ginger in addition to Vinegar $9.80. 
Good for collagen supplement in addition to to take the 'wind' inward your body. 

Another version, this is the Pan Fried Radish Cake w Preserved Meat $4.80, which pales inward comparing to the yam version. 
Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll 3pcs $4.80 is sinfully good. 

Steamed Siew Mai topped amongst Tobiko 4pcs $5.80.
Siew Mai- wrapped steamed pork stuffings is e'er yummy good.

Wok-Fried Eggplant, Beancurd in addition to Green Pepper $7.80.

This seemingly unproblematic dish has about yummy fish in addition to prawns stuffings hidden within the three principal items, much similar Yong Tau Foo, but wok fried in addition to savory. 

Definitely recommending the Dim Sum buffet from Grand Pavilion. Look out for Groupon deals for to a greater extent than discounts if it happens!

Gand Pavilion Restaurant

6337 6720


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