Things to do in Singapore: [ Shoutout] Flexi Joints Amongst Brand’S® Activmove

How of import are our joints? 
Well, they assistance us inwards our daily movements too suffer the daily impact of our trunk weight. The joints inwards us are equally of import equally our organs too soundless at that topographic point is really footling awareness of joints aid for now. 

Our joints deteriorate alongside historic stream too everyday motion such equally walking too climbing tin increase the wearable too tear of our joints which Pb to articulation aches too pains. 
According to SingHealth*, the most mutual flat of articulation pains (Osteoarthritis), affects an estimated 40% of the adult population. 
 Joint pains tin move emotionally frustrating too depressing equally they crusade physical discomfort too bound daily activities. Joint wellness does non discriminate too tin deport on us at whatever indicate of our life. We should aid for our joints equally much equally other parts of our body. 

 Start your prevention early on to cut down the adventure of articulation problems alongside BRAND’S® ActivMove! 

BRAND’S® ActivMove alongside Flexi-Boost® is formulated equally a full solution for articulation maintenance too protection too contains the follow for optimum performance:

  •  UC-II® (40mg)- proven to move to a greater extent than than twice equally effective equally the combination of glucosamine hydrochloride (1,500mg) too chondroitin sulfate (1,200mg) inwards promoting articulation comfort too mobility (David C. Crowley, 2009). UC-II® is a new constituent extracted from natural nutrient sources that plant alongside the immune organisation to reduce inflammation too protect the existing cartilage structure. 
  •  Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen - edifice blocks for cartilage production too promotes repair of damaged cartilage to hold articulation flexibility.
  •  Vitamin C- to scavenge complimentary radicals (destroying molecules that causes jail cellphone harm inside the body) too assistance protect joints from farther degeneration.

The recommended dosage for BRAND’S® ActivMove is ane tablet a day, nigh 60% smaller than regular glucosamine supplement; it is slow to swallow ane mini tablet for doubled effectiveness.

Stay active too nimble alongside articulation aid supplements 

Available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity Pharmacy too, at S$64 for a pack of xxx tablets

For to a greater extent than data nigh BRAND’S®, delight watch


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