Things to do in Singapore: [Travel Inwards Penang 5] Chinahouse- Kopi C Cafe

Chinahouse, a unique standalone, consists of three heritage buildings connected together, stringing together around xiv communal spaces comprising of bakery, shops, restaurants as well as galleries inwards an alley means concept.

The almost famous infinite inside would orbit got to survive KOPI C. Well-loved for its daily freshly baked cakes inwards assorted creative flavours, this cafe is located at the primary entrance correct when y'all measuring into Chinahouse.  Kopi C is housed inwards a heritage one-time styled infinite alongside lots of long dark wooden tables, framed past times dark as well as white fine art pieces, beamed inwards past times sunlight. 
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 24:00
  • Address: 153 & 155 Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown
  • Tel: +604 263 7299

Walk farther downward the corridor as well as y'all volition survive mesmerized past times the vast differences inwards price of layout, manner as well as functions of each cordoned expanse serving dissimilar purposes. 

Walk downward KOPI C.

Cakes, cookies, pies, accept your pick

Yummy Looking

Here was order:  Passionfruit alongside Coconut Butter RM 10

Connecting over at the other side- Bonton Shop.


THE CANTEEN runs BENTO BOX past times 24-hour interval which serves Mexican Food...

With lots of graffitti decorateing the walls along the way

By night, it's a hipseter bar cum live-music performance hangout. Thus it is non inwards performance inwards the day

With a minute score leading up...

And to a greater extent than graffiti artwork

Thanks for reading!! 
Visit this quaint piffling house inwards Penang when y'all drib past times adjacent fourth dimension

See their official website for the sum listing.


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