Beaches in Sentosa Island

Sentosa island is filled with various kinds of activities for tourist which are made by men. People can make sure that they will find the great enjoyment in various kinds of artificial attraction which can be offered by Sentosa. Besides the famous attraction such as Universal Studios as well as Resorts World Sentosa, people actually can also find the beaches which can be considered as the best in Singapore. It must be interesting that the beach is made from the imported sand which spreads about 3.2 kilometers. Here are the beaches which people can find in Sentosa after all.

Beaches in Sentosa Island
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If people visit Sentosa, there is no way they can miss the impressive look offered by Palawan Beach. There is no question that this can be one of the most attractive beach which can be found in Singapore because it comes with the suspension bridge which has Pirates of Caribbean style. The bridge will link Sentosa to a small island. Besides walking to the small island through the bridge, people can simply swim across to the island. The white sand combined with the palm tree can be one of the biggest attractions which people can get in the southern part of Sentosa. People must not forget about the beach bars which can bring te lively experience from the mid morning to the late evening.

Beaches in Sentosa IslandTanjong Beach - Sentosa Island Singapore image source:

If people are looking for the location where they can relax in the daytime, there is no question that Tanjong beach must be the best answer which people can find in Sentosa. The location which is more secluded on the south Sentosa cost makes people able to enjoy relaxation for sure. The great experience can be found from the combination of the palm tree, white sand, as well as shallow water. People will forget the fact that this beach is artificial. Party goers must not miss this beach which becomes the location of the popular beach club.

Beaches in Sentosa IslandSiloso Beach - Sentosa Island Singapore image source:

On south western Sentosa coast, people will find Siloso beach. This beach is popular as the place for enjoying beach picnic not only in Sentosa but also in Singapore. It becomes the perfect place for family getaway during the weekend after all. On this beach, visitors will be able to play various kinds of beach sports including canoeing, beach football, and of course beach volleyball. People will find many offers of hotel, shop, restaurant, and bar near the beach front of Sentosa island.

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