Fun Adventure in Sentosa Island

Sentosa island offer visitors with a lot of things to do and attractions which can be great memory and experience in Singapore. People choose to visit Sentosa when they are in Singapore because they can find the getaway place from the crowd of Singapore. Of course it does not mean that people will not find the crowd in Sentosa but at least it the crowd for having fun. Since there can be great crowd which can be found in Sentosa, people should be able to find the alternative activity which can be done in Sentosa. It is not only about the exploration in big attractions in Underwater World or Universal Studios of course because there are various kinds of fun adventure activities which people can do in Sentosa.

Fun Adventure in Sentosa Island
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Fun Adventure in Sentosa IslandSentosa Island Singapore - MegaZip Adventure Park image source:

People consider visiting MegaZip Adventure Park because it promises to provide the scary experience in Sentosa. Maybe people will not get the experience which is as scary as it promises but there is no need to worry because they can still have fun by whizzing over the water surface and through the trees. People will be able to find the scarier experience with the Parajump which comes as bungee jumping in mini version.

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

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This is the guided trip which uses segway as their transportation support which is friendlier to the environment. They will not find the speed challenge experience of course because segway runs pretty slowly. Nevertheless, people can have fun riding unique transportation support with the guide who will lead the tour.

Wave House

Fun Adventure in Sentosa IslandWave House Sentosa Island Singapore image source:

If people are looking for the most challenging adventure activity for the newbie, Wave House can be a great option for sure. People can pay for cheaper price when they choose the easier wave. If they want to experience the barrel which is more challenging, they have to pay the cost which is more expensive. It can be more challenging but there is no question that people can enjoy the great feeling when playing with the wave.

Fun Adventure in Sentosa IslandSkyline Luge Sentosa Island Singapore image source:

One of the most favorite adventure activities which people can find in Sentosa must be Luge and Skyride. It comes with the tagline that once is never enough and people will find that this tagline is completely true. There are two runs including 650 meters and 688 meters. It seems too short so if people want to really have fun, they should try two or three runs of Luge and Skyride in Sentosa island.

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