Siloso Beach Restaurants for You and Your Family

Siloso beach restaurants which are available in the area and near Siloso beach is one of the main reason and important part why many people choose this place for their favorite holiday destination. There are lots of beautiful places but people do not want to go there because it is hard for them to find good restaurants to eat. It will be nice if you go to one place for a vacation and you can find a good hotel and restaurant near the area. 

Siloso Beach Restaurants for You and Your Family
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You will able to save more time and money during your trip especially for people who come by a public transportation. All restaurants available in the Siloso beach area also special because they provide delicious food with lots of variations with a good price.

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Good restaurants in Siloso beach
There are lots of famous Siloso beach restaurants you can find and you can also read their reviews before you decide which restaurant you want to try. One of the most famous restaurants around the area is Kurry Korner, an Indian restaurant which is open since 2013. in this restaurant, you can find a delicious Indian traditional food and you can come here by walking from the beach station. And for you who want to try something new, you can come to Bikini Bar where you will be able to feel the ocean breeze with a good music and a bottle of beer. 

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There is also one famous and delicious Japanese restaurant, Syun Japanese restaurant for those who love fish and Bento. And if you want a simple food so you have more time to enjoy the food, there are lots of fast food and coffee shops around the beach. 

· Siloso beach specific restaurant
Since Singapore is not a country where Islam is the majority, Muslim people should be aware and choose the restaurant wisely. But this does not means there is no “Halal” restaurant in this country; even you can find one famous “Halal” restaurant in Siloso beach area. The name of the place is Ivy restaurant which is located in the same building with the resort. 

Since it is not easy to find this type of restaurant in Singapore, the customers will find that the price is a little bit high. But you do not have to worry because the quality of the food and the services are really worth the price. So if you are Muslim and want a delicious halal food, you should go and visit this Siloso beach restaurant.

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