Tips Traveling to Palawan Island Beach

Tips for Beach Holiday
Palawan island beach is deserve to be visited when you are thinking of beach. There are so many people who like to spend holiday outside of their city like going to mountain, beach, central park and so on. If you focus on beach holiday, there are several things to know. First, use enough sun block to protect your skin from sun burn. You should use high SPF to get longer protection. 

Tips Traveling to Palawan Island Beach
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For your feet, you can pour baby powder to get smooth feet when touching sand. Use antibacterial wipes if you get hurt when swimming in the beach, especially if you touch hard coral. Wear comfortable swim suit or bikini on the beach. You don’t need to carry many things on the beach, especially if you leave your electronic device like camera or smart phone without any supervision from beach guard. Don’t forget to bring own towel and umbrella if you plan for lying on the beach during sunrise or sunset. 

Tips Traveling to Palawan Island BeachPalawan Beach Sentosa Singapore image

Traveling to Palawan Island Beach
One of the most recommended beaches is palawan beach at Singapore. Here, you have a virgin beach where the sand is clean and so often used as honeymoon destination. Here, you can relax and forget about stressful days. You can find so many corals and tropical fishes. Besides that, you can see sea turtles which are protected by this country. Enjoy snorkeling here with so many things to see under the water. From this white beach, you can go to jungle to see hundred spices of birds. If you are visiting this place on the holiday season, it is best on April – June where you are not afraid for snorkeling on the calm sea. Don’t forget to do shopping hobby since it is not far away from the beach. Visitors from worldwide like to visit this country since the people are friendly. 

This country is famous with fishing business, so it will be great if you spend time to do fishing activity. The water is so clear and not contaminated with dangerous poisons from industries. There are so many accommodation and good hotels here to meet your needs during holiday. The rates are flexible to the month that you visit. Sentosa island will leave unforgettable memories of the best beach, jungle and fishing activity. Take a decision today to visit palawan island beach.

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