What to Enjoy in FestiveWalk Sentosa Island

FestiveWalk Sentosa Island is an extravagance retail walkway at Resort World Sentosa. This walkway performs Chihuly Gallery; the first Gallery of Michael Graves in Asia and in the world. It is favorite place for many local people and tourists to hangout. It is divided in three areas such as:

- The Bull Ring, it becomes a plaza of the Universal Studios Singapore entrance. 

- The Forum, it is a thoroughfare of dining and retail that leads to Sentosa Island Casino. 

- The Waterfront, it is a waterfront area that faces the mainland, mainly for shopping and dining area.
What to Enjoy in FestiveWalk Sentosa Island
FestiveWalk Sentosa Island image source: sentosa.com.sg

Find all you can enjoy in the three areas of FestiveWalk Sentosa Island below.

The Bull Ring Area 

To enter the Bull Ring area, you can pass through the escalators near the drop off and pick up point of bus. By passing this entering way, you also can bypass the Casino area. That is why many visitors choose this entrance. When you get the entrance, the first thing you will see is the huge ring that are shaded by giant canopies in leafy shape. 

What to Enjoy in FestiveWalk Sentosa IslandFestiveWalk Sentosa Island image source: sgtravelinfo.com

The canopies are made from Double-layered ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, which is extreme temperatures resistant) so they can be the shelters from the rain as well as the shade from the sun. Besides, the canopies are also designed to decrease the ambient temperatures in space. 

What to Enjoy in FestiveWalk Sentosa IslandFestiveWalk Sentosa Island image source: flickr.com

The Bull Ring is surrounded by ticketing booths of Universal Studio Singapore (USS). Besides, there are also the souvenir stores of Universal Studio Singapore such as Resorts World Gift Shop and That’s Wrap, you can find kinds of memorabilia in the stores. Enjoy some meals in Chili’s Grill and Bar when you feel starving during your vacation in Bull Ring. 

More Attractions and Shops 

There are more attractions and shops in FestiveWalk Sentosa Island that can be enjoyed during your vacation to the tourism spot, such as:

Hershey’s Chocolate World 

This is the first world of chocolate in South East Asia. The name of this shop means sweetness, fun and excitement. In this chocolate world, all tourists could enjoy sugar rush adventure. The adventure will start when the mascot of the shop a giant Hershey bar greets the visitors. Inside the chocolate world, the visitors can enjoy all about chocolate. 

Garrett Popcorn 

This is a tradition of Chicago people that has been done since 1949 and becomes one of most favorite things of Oprah.

This is an entertainment sight that is free for all visitors. It is situated in the center of FestiveWalk and near the casino. Every night, it performs 15 minutes extravagant light and music shows that are created by Jeremy Railton who has won four times Emmy Award. The lake performs musical fountain in amazing lighting boasting water cannons, flaming dragons, and kinds of other special effects of laser. 

Many visitors in all ages love to visit FestiveWalk Sentosa Island and enjoy the entertainment.

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