Things to do in Singapore: Loacker Wafer Introduces The Novel Cocoa & Milk Flavor

Loacker has a novel flavour together with nosotros are all hyped well-nigh it!

Guess what?

It is none other than the Cocoa & Milk! This novel flavour has fifty-fifty won the fellowship the prestigious  award of the ‘Product of the Year 2017’ inwards Italy, 1 of the 50 most innovative products the
inwards  the ‘Biscuit’ category.

Why So Alluring?

The Loacker Cocoa & Milk is an original combination of crunchy cocoa wafers together with light, milk Loacker cream. The distinct contrast betwixt the nighttime cocoa together with milky white represents pure bliss, highlighted past times the crunchy wafer amongst its practiced 7% cocoa, together with the gustation of the exclusive Loacker cream which makes upward 75% of the product, produced using high-quality together with natural ingredients.

The Taste

The health-conscious business office of us volition live on bearing inwards heed the saccharide content these sweetness treats volition contain. But afterward tasting, I am glad to part that the Cocoa & Milk is anything only overly sweet. What yous volition gustation on the tip of your natural language instead is the fragrant aroma of the bitter-sweet cocoa amongst no hints of artificial sweetenings. The wafer cubes were crisp together with light, making it together with therefore slow to popular 1 afterward another. 

Quality Guaranteed 

Loacker guarantees the genuine together with organic nature of its products past times relying on its corporate philosophy: No usage of colorants, preservatives, aromas together with hydrogenated fats. The Loacker wafers are fresh together with light, wrapped upward pipe hot from the oven, inwards the pump of the Dolomites at 1,000 one thousand higher upward ocean level, where the air together with H2O are salubrious together with fresh. 

Truly One Of Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Kind

You know it is truthful every bit shortly every bit yous seize amongst teeth into them together with I tin post away definitely attest to the freshness from the real starting fourth dimension bite. 

Loacker’s wafers have been every families' favourite for years. With novel exciting flavors like Cocoa & Milk, an evolved sense has been created through re-innovation amongst an explosion inwards gustation together with nosotros welcome yous to endeavour them for yourselves. 

Psst! There volition likewise live on an upcoming GIVEAWAY for iii winners to endeavour out the Cocoa & Milk wafers yourselves. I volition host it on Instagram soon, together with therefore follow me to live on updated.

Locaker Quadratini Cocoa together with Milk 250g- $4.95 / 125g- $2.95
Locaker Quadratini Cocoa together with Milk 175g- $3.75/ 45g- $1.20

Loacker’s Cocoa & Milk flavour together with other products tin post away live on flora inwards selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, SPC, Caltex 7-Eleven & Cheers outlets.


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