Awesome Inspirational People Series- Roxy Burger

You may squall back the Inspirational People Series I started a spell ago. The get-go postal service featured Brand Ambassadors' Thulani Hadebe.

I am happy to convey y'all the minute characteristic inwards this series. Today I am featuring Roxy Burger, good known ex KTV presenter in addition to Survivor contestant. I follow Roxy on Twitter and followed her tweets religiously when she was at Coachella, it was bully to larn a get-go paw concern human relationship of arguably the biggest music festival inwards the world!
Roxy's favourite urban total inwards earth is New York, alongside Singapore a unopen second. She has shared around of her vacation pictures alongside us below :)

So if you'd similar to know a fleck to a greater extent than nearly Roxy- read on:

Tell me a fleck nearly yourself- where did y'all grow upward in addition to larn to school, how did y'all halt upward on KTV? What did y'all create subsequently KTV?
I grew up, in addition to even hence alive in, the S of Johannesburg. I went to rattling normal, average populace schools called Glenview Primary in addition to Bracken High. Great schools alongside wonderful teachers. I started doing TV when I was nearly 10 years old, I asked my mom to honour me an agent in addition to nosotros were referred to Professional Kids yesteryear MNET. After doing a few made-for-TV movies in addition to adverts I auditioned for KTV in addition to landed the spot. After matric I studied an Audiovisual Degree (that I regret doing) at the University of Johannesburg.

Coney Island, New York

What was life similar existence on KTV? Were kids at schoolhouse hateful to you?

You must receive got met tons of celebs inwards your career- which were your favourite in addition to why?

I volition never forget interviewing Larry King at the Kids Choice Awards - he was hence humble in addition to downward to globe in addition to told me how much he loved South Africa. Also, he was pushing 75 at the fourth dimension in addition to was dressed inwards head-to-toe inwards Ed Hardy! Was hilarious...


Do y'all receive got whatsoever advice for people who desire to function inwards Media/ PR?

I loved every infinitesimal of existence on KTV. Yes, schoolhouse was tough in addition to kids didn't actually sympathize what it was similar to worry nearly to a greater extent than adult things similar function in addition to publicity than but stressing nearly school. But I wouldn't receive got it dorsum for anything - I experienced the most amazing times on KTV in addition to volition live on forever grateful for the experience.

Be rattling realistic nearly what y'all desire out of life. And larn into the function because its what y'all genuinely love. Not for fame. And definitely non for money. Its a cruel, relentless manufacture in addition to sometimes difficult function does non necessarily pay off. Just live on rattling certain that this is what y'all desire to do... ane time you've decided hence larn for it alongside everything y'all have.

Where are your favourite restaurants to consume at inwards JHB?
Callisto's inwards the S of Joburg is a must. As good equally sushi from Jungle inwards Bedfordview.

Thanks Roxy, it was bully to larn to know y'all a fleck better! :)


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