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I wrote a similar post service in conclusion yr when I was studying to write my CFA Level 2 exam too had non done whatsoever traveling for months. This year, I'm as pathetic because my amend one-half is doing CFA Level three this yr (I've decided to plough over it a skip for now- MUST complete it adjacent year) so nosotros can't move until that's over. He writes 1 June, too of class I conduct maintain a bumper rest-of-year planned :) Rishav is in all likelihood going to conduct maintain a view assault if/ when he reads this, because I've alone cleared about a quarter of this schedule alongside him :)
I am tardily getting him there, but he finds move (the procedure of applying for visas, flying, jetlag, transit times) as good much of a hindrance to justify the actual fourth dimension we're abroad. I know, he's insane.

Here's what we'll hold upwards up to (hopefully... all existence well):

We're off to Paris, staying RIGHT on Champs Elysees (the Parisean equivalent of NYC's fifth Avenue), too so Barcelona (staying here) and finally Madrid (staying here).
I'll hold upwards doing a "Best of Paris" floor inwards the Dominicus Independent too of class volition hold upwards roofing Kingdom of Spain inwards item on the blog. I did Paris years agone when I only started working too had no coin at all- thus nosotros lived on Burger King. I'm actually looking forrad to experiencing the best Paris has to offering this fourth dimension round, nosotros fifty-fifty conduct maintain a repast at a Michelin star eating theatre planned :) I'd similar to practice some of the tourist stuff, but mainly only desire to walk the streets of Paris too soak inwards the vibe all land eating lots of Nutella pancakes. Emma tweeted the link to this spider web log nearly a daughter who moved to Paris for 4 months, too and so ended upwards living in that location permanently--> I dear it too it makes me fifty-fifty to a greater extent than excited nearly the trip.

The sugariness people at World Leisure Holidays contacted me inwards Jan to larn to Mauritius and experience some of their resorts. I said no (I know, who says no to a trip to Mauritius?!?!) because afterwards Seychelles nosotros were beached out too didn't intend we'd bask a beach vacation fully. Also, my dad had only been diagnosed alongside lung cancer too I only wasn't feeling upwards to traveling. Anyway, past times nearly March he was improving too I started getting the move põrnikas again, so I contacted them and they said that their tickets were finished! Obviously I had severe FOMO when I read Talya's too Bailey's accounts of their trips :) So they'll hold upwards getting to a greater extent than tickets soon, too hopefully nosotros tin terminate adapt a trip inwards July.

My trip to Republic of Seychelles alongside Constance Hotels was so amazing, I've decided to larn on some other trip alongside them- this fourth dimension to Maldives, where Constance has two resorts. We even so conduct maintain to finalise the finer details, but I'm considering doing 4-5 nights inwards South Republic of Republic of India (Kerala), too and so wing to Maldives- did yous know it is alone an hr away? Apparently Kerala is so beautiful, yous tin terminate canvas along the backwaters on a houseboat, see markets on the riverbank, larn to a tiger sanctuary. Republic of Republic of India is also incredible value for money, a five star 10 twenty-four hr menstruation vacation tin terminate easily terms around R15k per person, including flights.

Unfortunately in that location is no immediately flying to Republic of the Maldives or Kerala. I loathe flying via anywhere, it only puts a dampener on the trip for me because of the added move fourth dimension which exhausts us. At this cry for alternative 1 is to wing JHB- Doha- Kerala - Republic of the Maldives - Doha- JHB on Qatar airways or on Emirates which manifestly flies via Dubai.

I conduct maintain an SAA credit card, too this entitles me to a costless flying anywhere inwards Africa when spending to a greater extent than than R60,000 a year. I was a tad confused nearly where to go.. too got some nifty suggestions from all of yous folk (thanks for that!) - but it looks similar we're going to hold upwards actually express inwards terms of fourth dimension because of... the residual of this post... so I intend nosotros may only practice a long weekend away to Namibia. I've heard the sand dunes too beach are correct adjacent to eachother too its gorgeous. Still looking for luxury accommodation- haven't constitute anything yet.

I've been chatting to Club Med for unopen on a yr at nowadays nearly a ski vacation to the Swiss Alps, but nosotros only haven't gotten the dates to work. They practice 1 calendar week all inclusive packages (including skiing, food, drinks, entertainment- everything), so I'm looking to practice this mayhap at the halt of Nov or initiatory off December. I'm a chip worried I won't similar the cold, too I'm non sporty at all so volition in all likelihood hold upwards falling all over the place, but I practice intend skiing is something to tick off the bucket list.

We never move over Christmas because it's commonly as good expensive too I don't conduct maintain the liberate energy or inclination to practice the whole struggle at the utilization nearly who gets to accept Christmas leave... but this yr I'm hoping to practice a Far East trip.
The same SAA credit carte du jour rewards me a free international  flight anywhere inwards the the world if I pass to a greater extent than than R160,000 inwards a yr on my credit card. Which is alot, I know. I've cancelled my garage carte du jour too conduct maintain routed most of my debit orders via my credit card. Also, whenever nosotros mass flights or purchase anything big, I endeavour too utilization my credit carte du jour too and so nag Rishav to reimburse me his share. Obviously, I conduct maintain a spreadsheet tallying my pass too mentally reprimanding myself for existence ridiculous to desire to conduct maintain a pass goal... but.. it's a costless flight, too an excuse to travel. You can't waste materials a costless flying right?! Forget nearly the fact that it's alone 1 flying too we'll even so conduct maintain to pay for the other flying too uncovering accommodation summation plus plus. I don't intend media hostings are going to fifty-fifty hold upwards possible at that fourth dimension of year, but I volition try. So I'm thinking Hong Kong- Kuala Lumpur - Singapore, maybe Bangkok too.

Have whatsoever of yous guys been to anywhere on this list? Travel tips- attractions, where to stay, things to practice etc... are e'er appreciated.

As I expected it would, writing this post service lone has lifted my mood.. so here's to the instant one-half of 2013!




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