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15th February 2016 was the twenty-four hours when I joined my kickoff vessel, ‘MT Bunga Azalea’ from Kandla, Republic of Republic of India every bit a Deck Cadet. As on kickoff day, I reported to C/O in addition to Captain in addition to proceeded alongside my shipboard familiarization. C/O asked me to written report for my kickoff assigned labor every bit a deck cadet which was gangway spotter along alongside Duty AB in addition to he prioritised the proper PPE in addition to security inwards the briefing. I retrieve the minute twenty-four hours was the most horrible for me every bit I got sea sick when nosotros were passing through the fossil oil weather condition inwards Indian body of body of water in addition to my C/O asked me to remain inwards CCR instead of letting me acquire to receive got balance in addition to slumber because according to him I had to learn how to acquire by sea sickness which at that fourth dimension was non sounding reasonable enough to me but it turned out to survive a lesson to survive immune to the sea sickness. That was the kickoff in addition to final time that I got sea sick ever inwards my whole cadetship onboard.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I was assigned alongside multiple tasks in addition to hectic schedule yesteryear C/O every bit he wanted to educate me inwards the hardest agency possible. I used to create twenty-four hours locomote in addition to duad spotter daily. I learnt the practical seem on deck nether the supervision of my bosun and C/O. My OOW taught me diverse things on bridge. Challenging affair onboard was about how to adapt alongside dissimilar nationality and perform the chore productively. Team locomote was the cardinal in addition to I learnt it the difficult way, all thank yous to my C/O. It took me a calendar month to settle downwards in addition to acquire used to the working surroundings onboard. After that I started focusing on my TAR Book in addition to started concreting my basics. I worked along alongside 3rd Mate for maintenance of LSA in addition to FFA. I learned nearly the chore profile of OOW every bit a 3rd Mate.

Hari Raya Celebration!

Click yesteryear me which made it to the encompass page of MISC’s magazine.

Best OOW for me inwards my whole cadetship! 2ndMate Philip Chacko.

Dessert hunting inwards China with my coolest Bosun.

Months passed yesteryear in addition to I was nevertheless learning nearly cargo operation, navigation in addition to duad spotter keeping. I ever used to approach my OOW in addition to C/O for whatever doubts in addition to they used to help me and sometimes they used to learn me inwards their ain way. The balance hours onboard are similar luxury in addition to i should larn to utilize it productively rather than wasting it yesteryear watching movies in addition to playing games.

My kickoff Chief Mate, C/O Kansil.


My best Chief Mate. C/O Didik Hermanto 

Bunga Azalea!

Break time.

My vessel road was to a greater extent than oft than non Asia in addition to Middle East. I went to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Oman, UAE, etc. It was ever exciting to see novel ports onboard. The schedule used to survive quite hectic but that’s where I learned how to deal time and stand upwards out every bit a skillful squad player. From tank cleaning to duad watch, everything had something that I constitute out to survive novel every bit theory can’t encompass all seem of a skillful seamanship. After vii months in addition to few days, I had my mention on the sign off list, yayy! I signed off inwards Singapore.

Sign off day! Best day!

Flying dorsum to my loved ones! #happylife


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