Awesome My Shore Piece Of Occupation Out Inward Las Palmas

We bring been sailing for to a greater extent than than 2 months. Our journeying began from Singapore port destined to Republic of Guinea W of Africa. I was inwards AHT Salvanguard, it is a towing vessel in addition to nosotros were towing 2 large empty barges. During the voyage I was really excited to consider W of Africa, simply my Captain told me nosotros mightiness non last able to become shore operate out equally nosotros were told in that place was closed to other projection correct later nosotros paw inwards the barges.

Weeks exceed past times in addition to provision started to deplete, in addition to thence it was our lucky day. We larn by to halt a few miles away from Republic of Mauritius isle to have our provision through a service boat. For me it was withal a breathtaking minute equally I larn by to consider the island. Our voyage drib dead on in addition to it was affair of weeks till nosotros accomplish our preferred port of destination.

One nosotros arrived at Republic of Guinea W Africa, it was affair of hours solely for us to paw over the barges in addition to drib our anchor inwards the anchorage area. I was slightly disappointed equally nosotros were non able to larn shore operate out inwards Guinea. The next hateful solar daytime my Captain received tidings from component subdivision stating nosotros demand to caput to Las Palmas for provision in addition to fresh water. My hopes were regained in addition to from Republic of Guinea to Las Palmas the voyage was solely a week. Once I arrived in that place the house was magical, solely the photos below volition tell what I meant. 

Perfect sandy beach inwards Las Palmas
Me posing nearly the walk way. Haha

Friendly people taking their flush walks 

A beautiful sand sculpture made past times 1 of the locals here

The atmospheric condition was perfect to admire the beauty of the beach

Another painting present of me. Hehe

I bring got to tell the Sun was at the correct spot.
Overall, my trip to Las Palmas was a memorable 1 equally I larn by to encounter beautiful people in addition to larn by to bask the scenery in addition to beauty of the island. I promise to come upwards dorsum hither soon.


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