Things to do in Singapore: 3D2n Itinerary Inward Jeju, Korea Business Office 1

Hello guys! 🌸 Welcome dorsum to my blog. It has been quite some fourth dimension since I have updated but I have got been working hard to position upwards my go posts upwards again!
First up, allow me croak along sharing to a greater extent than of Korea together with this fourth dimension around, Jeju.
Thanks for sticking around  😁

Jeju's principal attractions are basically divided into Jeju-Si together with Seogwipo-Si inwards the due north together with southward respectively, with Hallasan Mountain right smacked inwards the centre. Jeju is an oval-shaped volcanic isle with to a greater extent than than ninety percentage of its total expanse covered inwards basalt. Most guidebooks practise non segregate the attractions based on the regions, but if y'all are planning to majority a driver or fifty-fifty practise some self-travel ( via populace transport, self-drive, or charabanc tours similar Yeha Tour [limited destinations drop-offs] ), it volition live on best to larn your attractions' location together with cluster them according to due north or south. Local drivers mainly accuse fees based on i 24-hour interval inwards the due north together with some other 24-hour interval towards the southward of the island.

Most visitors volition live on able to acquire past times with a 3D2N itinerary and live on able to comprehend the principal sites of Jeju. Of course, if y'all are planning on conquering the hiking trails along the Olle Routes around the isle or climbing Mt. Hallasan, y'all volition have got to cater for to a greater extent than days.

As most tourists do, nosotros only spent 3D2N over inwards Jeju.

Jeju, exactly off the coast of Republic of Korea is relatively warmer compared to the Northern regions similar Seoul. If y'all were to go from southward upwards (i.e Jeju), y'all volition also notice that the temperature gets progressively colder upwards North ( i.e Seoul) within a brusk days' differences. So acquire yourself prepared for the temperature differences past times packing inwards to a greater extent than layering clothing. 

The Jeju drome is located inwards the due north of the Jeju isle together with thence y'all volition uncovering it definitely to a greater extent than convenient to remain inwards that area. From some of the reviews from other visitors, taxi tour drivers (in Jeju they are under the Jeju Global Taxi grouping together with practise non operate independently) may non similar it every bit much if y'all were to remain inwards Seogwipo-Si which is inwards the southward every bit it may live on to a greater extent than inconvenient. Also, live on prepared to pay to a greater extent than for such driver bookings.
In general, I volition thence recommend y'all to remain inwards Jeju-Si. I was lucky to come upwards across a relatively affordable stash with lovely facilities Benikea I Jin Hotel.  
In my itinerary, in that location is no presence of whatever museums of sorts every bit nosotros prefer sighting nature scenery together with don't want to pass fourth dimension indoors, man-made stuff.


Day 1

1. Seongsan Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak) 성산 일출봉

The Seongsan Ilchulbong was designated every bit a UNESCO World Heritage Site inwards 2007. This tuff cone was formed when an underwater volcano erupted inwards the middle of the ocean.  The highlight comes from the thrill of hiking upwards the trial. Contrary to its name, it is, of course, best to hike for its beautiful sunrise view. 

About Jeju Drivers
Unless y'all are doing self-drive or staying inwards the inns/ hostels nearby Seongsan, if you, similar us, had hired a driver, it volition live on close impossible for the driver to send y'all upwards in that location for sunrise.I had tried shout out for many but none volition yield. Anyways.
 If y'all have got experienced watching the sunrise at Ilchubong, practise part with me your encounter!  

Just a sidetrack: Unlike drivers inwards Southeast Asia regions, drivers inwards Korea deemed themselves to live on to a greater extent than "atas" (colloquial for high self-esteemed) particularly since they are well-versed inwards a unusual linguistic communication such every bit English linguistic communication together with Mandarin. Well, at to the lowest degree that was the vibe from my two trips to Jeju upon interacting with these drivers. Oh, by the way, a taxi-guided someone tour, which involves having the driver together with the whole vehicle to yourself together with your family, cost at a apartment charge per unit of measurement of 150,
000Won for 8 hours together with the pickup timing from your hotel is unremarkably start at 9am for a total 24-hour interval tour.
You tin exactly google "Jeju drivers" together with a listing volition pop up. My driver was quite alright but I wouldn't tell he is the best together with then I would non live on recommending here.

Hike Up!

At a summit of 182m inwards a higher house sea level, climbing upwards the Seongsan Ilchulbong, along paved stairs upwards the trail volition non live on slow nor a quick-ending affair. My parents were non besides keen to hike upwards all the agency together with thence nosotros exactly stayed around the base. If y'all have got the fourth dimension together with the physical fitness level, I would definitely recommend y'all to hike upwards together with consider the gorgeous persuasion for yourself. The journeying upwards to the pitstop takes from xxx to 50 minutes depending on your physical fitness but I believe the overview volition live on worth it! 
From what I understand, in that location are also benches together with toilets along the trail. In fact, it is rattling hiking-friendly. I would have got gone upwards if given a conduct chances again. 

At the Base

If y'all are mainly staying at the base of operations of the mountain, walk around together with relish inwards the refreshing cooling sea breeze patch breathing inwards the salty cool air. Look out for this niggling "hut" where alive haenyo ( women divers) performed when the conditions permits.

 Otherwise, y'all tin also purchase together with acquire a sense of savour of the fresh alive Jeju seafood, freshly sourced from the opened upwards sea surrounding Seongsan. The washing is done on the spot, all which are served uncooked. 

Do y'all dare to swallow them uncooked?

This is How It's Done

Tell, or rather point, to them which diversity y'all desire together with they volition chop it upwards for y'all inwards slices. Just tell the ahjumas to clean/wash them thoroughly earlier serving. Because these are all served uncooked together with y'all don't desire to acquire a tum upset on your trip right. Don't live on embarrassed, because fifty-fifty the locals told the ahjumas the same thing. 

Once y'all are all done within exploring the base of operations together with the surround of Seongsan Illchubong, refresh yourself with Hallabong (Jeju's sugariness tangerines) hit later on the trail
Deliciously refreshing. There is also a Seogwipo Citrus Museum if y'all are keen to visit. 

2. Sangumburi Crater

This sky on the world is where I would strongly recommend y'all to live on for a breathtaking persuasion together with lovely blanket of blues together with greens. 

As visitors, y'all can't truly get a bird's optic persuasion of the crater but walking around the expanse is a bliss inwards itself too. This seemingly ordinary crater stands at a depth of 140m below sea grade together with a diameter of over 650m. 
Part of the crater liken to a concave indent.👇👇

Instagram Alert

Rather than the crater, I think the many youngsters together with couples were mainly in that location for the Silver Grasses! Well known for its Silver Grass trail, come upwards on inwards for Instagram worth shots together with immersed yourself amongst the Silver Grass swaying inwards the wind. 
💡 Tip: Head in that location inwards the belatedly eve nearing sunset to capture the playful rays peaking from the silvery clouds.☺
Complimentary commentary services are available at 930, 1030, 1400, 1500 together with 1600 daily.

You can't missy this lovely silvery grasses making nifty instagrammable photos at every spot.

3. Seongup Folk Village

The Seongup Folk Village is, inwards fact, a "living" hamlet inhabited past times a couple. Apparently, the Jeju regime gives the inhabitants huge numerous benefits together with taxation rebates for them to save this village, which has instantly acquire an attraction itself, complimentary of accuse for visits. Yes, y'all listen that right, it's totally complimentary together with y'all acquire a tour around the pocket-size hamlet with an introduction to the historical background of Jeju with this bilingual couple. The married adult man good versed inwards English linguistic communication together with the married adult woman inwards Mandarin. 

💡What struck us was definitely the warm hospitality nosotros received every bit visitors with the hosts who were rattling enthusiastic inwards taking lots of photos for us.

 However at the cease of the tour, in that location a was a niggling sales verbalize whereby the hosts volition travail to entice y'all into buying their Jeju Horse Oil products together with the many testimonials left past times their customers. However, though overnice every bit the hosts may be, nosotros did non purchase any. It is their extra income channel but y'all are non obliged to purchase anything. 

4. Manjanggul Cave

The Manjanggul Cave is truly rattling interesting to explore together with walk around in. It is the world's largest lava tube created past times volcanic activity together with is quite magnificent to walk through it. This UNESCO World Heritage site takes y'all dorsum to a fourth dimension inwards prehistoric times with the stalagmites, stalactites together with stone formations.
The highlight volition definitely live on this 'Stone Turtle'  that resembles the outline of the Jeju Island.


💡 Be wary that the lava cave is slippery at parts of the walk together with this activity is really non suitable for seniors who have got difficulty walking/ weak kneecaps with the rocky together with uneven lava stone formations. Young children volition relish every bit I saw many schoolhouse children having educational tours within. 
 In the end, I went downwards on my ain every bit my parents waited for me upwards at the entrance.
2000won per entrance/ adult. 

5. 5-Day Market Dongmun Traditional Market ( For Souvenirs) 

This marketplace is located furthermost due north together with is mayhap where most drivers volition driblet y'all off for the 24-hour interval ( amongst Jeju 5-day Market or Seomun Market). Although this was non the marketplace I had intended to croak at first, the driver had made its agency in that location for convenience sake.

Dongmun Market is the oldest together with biggest traditional market, located inwards the one-time metropolis centre of Jeju-si. At the market, y'all tin fill upwards your finds ranging from seafood, fisheries, vegetable. At the dried-goods section, many stores lay inwards neat rows, selling beautifully packaged snack boxes which volition await absolutely presentable every bit souvenirs. Get them at whatever of the markets at Jeju which volition live on together with then much cheaper. Up to 50% differences versus that inwards Jeju drome together with y'all for sure volition non uncovering them together with then ( if at all) at Seoul's Incheon airport
Opening 8am to 9pm.

A Ricecake store which looks pop with the position out of locals purchasing but whose service was downright thumbs downwards when I asked for farther data elementary things similar the flavours of the rice cakes.

These are the snack boxes y'all tin acquire at rattling inexpensive together with reasonable prices around the toll of SGD10 or together with then if I retrieve correctly. 

6. Eat Jeju Black Pork At Hwaro Hyang

A walking distance (suggested past times my driver) from the Dongmun Market ( non besides close later on all, but achievable) volition atomic number 82 y'all to the Heuk Dwaji street —  good known for its barbeque dark pork specialities eateries. I volition propose y'all accept a cab instead. 

Literally translated from Heuk Dwaji, "black pig" is definitely native to Jeju. Traditionally, Jeju houses had pigsty within their solid compounds. Although no longer raised inwards houses together with are instantly raised inwards commercial farms, the climate together with soil inwards Jeju, makes for fantabulous conditions for raising pigs.

I was recommended to travail Hwaro Hyang.

End the 24-hour interval with a delicious Black Pork BBQ, a speciality inwards Jeju.
Some of the staff inwards Hwaro are Chinese together with spoke Mandarin.
The portions were truly generous for three pax with complimentary menstruation servings of sides together with nosotros chose the laid that came with Jeju's large together with succulent abalones
 Cooking was done past times the servers but every bit usual, live on prepared for the smoke together with fossil oil thereafter. 

I have got to advert the samgyeopsal, pork belly, pork neckband were truly thick together with juicy. Well marinated together with flavorful with the juices spurting out inwards your mouth. 
Just slurp up!

A diversity of leafy veggies for y'all to coil your barbeque pork in.

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