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Tun Dr Mahathir, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has proven his capability inwards managing province for over a decade in addition to brought Malaysia into novel era of modernization. Dr Mahathir Mohamad created history today when he took the oath of purpose every bit the prime number government minister of Malaysia for the instant time, in addition to at the historic menstruation of 92. The swearing-in took house inwards the wake of Harapan’s victory inwards the 14th full general election recent full general election 14th .  As nosotros all known, during his tenure every bit Prime Minister, Malaysia’s economic scheme has transformed from agro-based province into industrial country. I believes that doc Mahathir has simply about of the moral of leadership. Firstly, he got a massive spirit inwards maintained both spiritual in addition to textile property inwards his administration. Next, doc Mahathir is creative in addition to innovative inwards his decision. It tin dismiss last seen yesteryear looking to his policy on Vision 2020 in addition to National Science in addition to Technology Policy. Other than that, doc Mahathir has recognized the electrical flow challenge in addition to responded creatively in addition to avoid a status ease. This province of affairs happened during the economical crisis that hitting Malaysia inwards 1997-1998 inwards which Malaysia has successfully solved the problem. Malaysia imposed its central command stair out yesteryear lowering the involvement charge per unit of measurement in addition to injected liquidity into the monetary system. Beside that, he has capability inwards wise on the location thinking every bit the basis has witnessed doc Mahathir’s capability inwards making on-the-spot determination peculiarly on affair of economical in addition to politic. Throught out this, Tun doc Mahathir Mohamad has brought inspirational to people of the world. 


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