Kimmi Junior Dolls

The business of Kimmi Junior dolls in addition to trade are ane of the things my girls discovered inward Singapore.  They directly vicious inward honey amongst these colorful Japanese kokeshi dolls amongst personality that they asked their dad to purchase several merchandise. 

So smitten are they amongst these dolls that my li'l daughter B is hollo for for a kokeshi-themed party for her upcoming birthday... exactly no, she volition non last having a big party, instead I am thinking of hosting a arts and crafts political party amongst a handful of her skillful friends - an intimate afternoon get-together doing Japanese newspaper crafts.

Already, I accept been busy thinking upward ideas for this afternoon of Japanese crafting.  I accept been busy the by calendar week doing digital illustrations for the designing for the newspaper crafts.  Doing the epitome is undertaking intensive, in addition to I hold off someone's fingers to piece of occupation out numb from doing all the folding in addition to the cutting. Tsk!!

But seeing her in addition to then happy in addition to expectant makes upward for all the trouble.  She is over-the-moon amongst excitement, fifty-fifty listing downwards her ain business upward of activities, in addition to drawing upward her invitee list!

Wish me in addition to my fingers about luck!

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