Singapore 2011: Where To Remain & How To Choke Around

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We stayed at ii hotels during our recent trip to Singapore.  Our outset halt was at the Swissotel@The Stamford.  The I.M Pei designed hotel was lately featured inwards Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (USA) Gold List 2011. South-East Asia's tallest hotel has 71 floors, amongst the rooms in addition to suites outfitted amongst stunning picture-window views of the Singapore skyline. 

In the mornings, the girls in addition to I caput downwards to the pool, piece my boys are left even then sleeping inwards the room.
Our accomodations came amongst breakfast, which nosotros ever enjoyed luxuriously (read: nosotros took fourth dimension to consume everything!) The buffet spread is typical of whatever hotel, but they produce highlight Chinese, Malay in addition to Indian influences, equally good equally the typical continental breakfast fare.  I ever start mine amongst a pocket-sized bowl of congee to warm my tummy.  I was a daily visitor to the cheese platter, in addition to ever coming dorsum for seconds.  And it was such a please to consume it slathered amongst dearest fresh from the comb.  H5N1 existent joy to consume dearest this pure, untouched yesteryear human hands.
The kids are creatures of habit, equally well.  Everyday, B, my li'l gourmand, brings to me a plate total of salmon, pastrami, bread, in addition to cream cheese
patiently waiting equally I plough it into a filling sandwich. 

Our room is decorated amongst comforting colors of dark-brown in addition to amber.  The sheets that came amongst the double-sized beds were of a high percale count in addition to feels velvety to the skin.  The exclusively occupation I had amongst the room were the lights.  You see, when the kids are sleeping, C in addition to I plough on the accent lights to relax a chip before truly going to sleep.  C looks at the map in addition to laid upward for the side yesteryear side day's itinerary, in addition to nosotros both read the papers before lastly calling it a night. I felt that the accent lighting of the room was non plenty to brand relaxation pleasurable.    (Yeah I am a lighting snob similar that :) ) 
The room came amongst its ain Nespresso machine amongst a diversity of java pods for selection.  I am non truly a java drinker then I did non relish this costless facility.  But I lead maintain friends who are java aficionados, in addition to from them I lead maintain learned that Nespresso is marketed equally an exclusive luxury coffee.
What C in addition to I really love nearly this hotel is that it is conveniently located correct inwards the pump of the metropolis then everything is almost inside walking distance.  Everything is then near... there's a taxi halt equally presently equally nosotros footstep out the hotel; a few steps away in addition to nosotros are inwards the City Hall subway station.  We took the cab to acquire anywhere in addition to everywhere.  There is a taxi stand upward simply correct exterior the hotel amongst taxis waiting for passengers to hop on, then that's what nosotros did everyday.   The kids would produce a lot to a greater extent than walking when nosotros truly acquire to our destination, then liberate energy conservation was what nosotros had inwards mind. :) It was also to a greater extent than economical for our large identify unit of measurement to simply accept a cab.  

The hotel also simply sits higher upward a modern in addition to spacious nutrient court, which is simply perfect for my kids who are ever hungry; a large grocery is also simply nearby; in addition to the Raffles City Mall is also inwards the same complex.
We simply love the selection that tin live establish inwards the nearby grocery.

When our friends in addition to relatives establish out that nosotros were planning a Singapore vacation, most of them directly advised to majority a room at the Marina Bay Sands.  Dec beingness a super peak flavor for travel, rooms were fully booked already.  Fortunately, C got a confirmation i calendar week before our departure.

The kids loved our rest at Marina Bay Sands that it was then difficult to acquire them out of the volition empathise why when yous come across our room.
Sorry for the personal holding already scattered across the room; the kids were all oohs in addition to aahs equally presently equally they stepped in.  Had to remind them to allow me accept some photos outset before they jumped inwards on the bed.

To the correct of the entry is a walk-in closet, it was equally large equally a pocket-sized room inwards a condo.  We placed all our luggage in addition to shopping bags inwards this room.
To the correct is the spacious bathroom.  I love that nosotros lead maintain a walk-in shower in addition to NOT a bathtub.  Much to a greater extent than convenient for the kids in addition to I produce non lead maintain to worry nearly anyone slipping piece getting inwards the tub.
 Here's the residuum of the photos of the room

The couch tin live drawn out equally a queen-sized bed
High-speed cyberspace access is complimentary.  The executive desk inwards our room also has a flap which opens upward to a charging station for all our gadgets.  The room also has a remote command for the motorized drapes, which amused the kids. 

Hotel guests lead maintain exclusive role of the 150 meter Sands Skypark infinity swimming pool, the world’s largest outdoor puddle at 200 meters higher upward solid set down level. At this height, guests tin relish the best sentiment of the Singapore skyline.  

If your are non a hotel guest, yous tin even then lead maintain the gamble to come across the SkyPark in addition to relish the best sentiment of the Singapore panorama yesteryear purchasing a ticket.  However the access is express to the Public Obsevation Deck, in addition to it exclusively offers a express sentiment of the infinity pool.

Unfortunately for us, Singapore was experiencing rainy conditions during our visit.  The cloudy skies did non truly brand for overnice photos.  I was hoping to relish the sunset on the puddle deck, but unfortuntely my sentiment was express to grayness skies in addition to the occasional drizzle of rain. But if I were lucky enough, the glorious sentiment should have looked something similar this..
image source
And inwards the mornings, the spectacular sentiment should have resembled this
image source
But I did non enhance a bunch of complainers...   then the fun goes on - freezing H2O in addition to grayness skies notwithstanding! haha! :)  It is of import to part amongst yous i importand detail:  the H2O is freezingly cold.  Even J who is used to early on morn preparation in addition to preparation amongst heavy rains establish the puddle temperature unsettling.  
As presently equally they jump in, everyone goes into a huddle, equally if staying together volition brand the H2O warmer.  As for me, I wasn't truly that brave... I postulate nearly an hr or then for my trunk to acclimatise. :)

Since nosotros were traveling during the super peak season, at that topographic point is a throng of crowd everywhere nosotros go, in addition to that includes checking-in. But the kids in addition to the wife did non break the long hold off since they were escorted to a waiting lounge where they lead maintain unlimited access to drinks.

The hotel also offers costless role of its line of piece of work concern centre in addition to its facilities then nosotros confirmed our furnish flight, checked-in online in addition to printed our boarding passes.  There are also aerodrome shuttle buses available liberate of charge.

Getting Around inwards Singapore:  
As amongst whatever locomote experience, await to produce a lot of walking inwards Singapore.  
For most, the MRT is head alternative of getting around, because it goes simply nearly everywhere, it is clean, fast in addition to safe. The road maps are color coded making it slow to understand. 

The buses are numerous in addition to efficient, yous simply lead maintain to live willing to hold off for i since they halt at timed intervals.

For visitors, at that topographic point is the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, but it is for tourists who are brusk of fourth dimension in addition to would similar to pack their solar daytime amongst a long listing of places to visit.  Not for those who would similar to linger in addition to relish the place.
For my family, clearly, the best agency to acquire roughly is Singapore is yesteryear taxi. It is the most comfortable in addition to hassle-free agency to acquire us to our destination.  It is also the most economical for us since at that topographic point are 2 adults in addition to iii kids, the maximum set out of passengers allowed.  Any to a greater extent than than that in addition to yous lead maintain to dissever the companionship inwards 2 cabs.   

There was i fourth dimension that C in addition to the ii younger kids went dorsum abode before equally J in addition to I had decided to produce some late-night shopping at Orchard Road.  They took a cab abode in addition to paid roughly $8, piece J in addition to I took the MRT from Orchard in addition to got off ii stops away in addition to paid a similar amount.  Imagine if all v of us took the MRT, nosotros would lead maintain paid a total of $20 for the train, against simply $8 for the cab.  

Not exclusively are the taxis cheaper, many times the drivers oft give us expert advice nearly where to shop, what to produce or where to go.  C oftentimes engage them inwards pocket-sized talk, in addition to the drivers would utter away, telling us nearly their province inwards the same trend that a tour guide would.  Plus, at that topographic point is a line of taxis standing yesteryear simply correct exterior our hotel then at that topographic point is hardly whatever waiting time. 

If yous are going to programme your see roughly the Dec break, it is best if yous pack along a foldable umbrella, a lid in addition to a water-proof raincoat piece yous acquire roughly the city.

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