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Maybe this is the latest posting ever, i blame all of my laziness to practise some novel postal service inward my blog. Okay well, i mayhap never tell close my opor-garai to Europe before, it's held close three months ago. Honestly, it's similar a precipitous vacation. whatt ??!! you lot said Europe every bit a precipitous opor-garai ???  are you lot crazy ?? Many people solely dream to become there, together with you lot tin say it's a precipitous opor-garai ?
I know really well, it's an insane statement, but sure as shooting i never expected to become at that spot together with therefore soon, i hateful inward my age.   Okay skip, this happened because of my mom who wanted to become at that spot amongst her friends, together with she offered me to join. First i answered no, together with the argue was because i idea the tour would solely filled yesteryear women inward my mom's age. Then my mom explained more, that her friends also took their children every bit good to join. Absolutely i was to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than interesting knowing that most of their children is inward my age.
The tour was held inward 2 weeks, i visited close v countries inward Europe together with a hundred photos filled my laptop of course. I genuinely exciting to portion all of the stories together with photos  in this blog, but it's like.............dang ! my lazzines is coming up. hehehe :p These photos below are The Switzerland journey, my favorite solid reason than others together with of course of report the best 1 to alive inward my opinion.
Those 2 photos inward a higher house were taken when nosotros were on the means from Milan, Italy to Switzerland. You tin run into Switzerland is a solid reason that filled yesteryear mount together with highland. The conditions was together with therefore freezing,  not freezing actually, to a greater extent than similar windy i think. at that spot is the edifice inward the middle of the picture, i'm non certain what it is, but i assumed it was a school, because at that spot are many teenagers who habiliment a backpack become toward that one-time building.

i stayed inward Laussane inward Switzerland, it is a small-scale metropolis inward the side of Swiss. The metropolis is together with therefore calm, people prefer riding a cycle to practise some activites to purpose a vehicles. For the minute 24-hour interval inward Switzerland i went to Mount Jungfraujach, it's 1 of the highest mount inward Europe. How to larn at that spot is conduct maintain the train. The one-time develop i think.

My mom was taken at St. Grindelwald,  We already left the hotel inward the morn at 10.00 am. I could say it was sooo freezing, my torso was together with therefore stiff. together with i never expected when i arrived on the piece of occupation yesteryear of mount Jungfraujoch, i was shocked when run into the temprature is inward -10 celcius -___-. torso was together with therefore heavy, my leg was heavier to mensuration over, my caput was groggy, it's similar at that spot is a hammer that punch my caput :/ together with the unexpected 1 is i suffered the nosebleed for a patch -___-. That fourth dimension i wore three layers of sweaters, 2 layers of pants together with 1 shawl roughly my neck. 
I move tin touched the snowfall :D

The photograph of Mount Jungrajoch

Me together with my lovely mother
The candid photos taken inward the train, the happy mom together with son.

Ps : I'm currently dearest to habiliment a poloraid frame trial inward some photos, together with therefore i tried to purpose it inward some of my photos. taste the pics :D


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