Singapore attractions : Tanjong Pagar Railway

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is sometimes a motion-picture demonstrate Spot for marriage photos. Even though it is no longer operational, the nostalgia remains peculiarly for those who used to move via the railway.

How to larn there: We took a educate in addition to motorbus in addition to therefore it's non in addition to therefore straightforward. Please purpose Google Maps or for directions.
Ratings: Just average
Fees: Free

This is a illustration where the pictures orbit an accurate stance of everything yous would await to see. The railway station is small-scale in addition to therefore there's non much to explore. Unless, of course of teaching yous guide to decease on walking downwards the tracks.

Nonetheless, it was prissy to view remnants of this city-State from dorsum inwards the day.

We saw the Hermes exhibit above, albeit non the best. On to the residual of the place.


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