Things to do in Singapore: Whitening Anti-Aging Tending Amongst Astalift

Did yous know that Fujifilm has a beauty as well as skincare line? I sure as shooting did non until I attended the recent beauty verbalise yesteryear ASTALIFT as well as The Sample Store.

ASTALIFT aims to accomplish “Photogenic Beauty”, projecting beauty from an inner polish that gives yous a rigid presenceDecades of experience inward the manufacture of cinema as well as photography since Fujifilm's beginnings inward the 1930s, has seen the harvesting of applied scientific discipline transferred into the tillage of fundamental ingredients into the evolution of a novel beauty draw of piece of occupation - ASTALIFT.

Participants at the workshop were introduced to the ASTALIFT WHITE Series which included star products such equally the Clear Treatment, Bright Lotion as well as White Essence merely to advert a few. 

The critical Nano Astaxanthin ingredient unique to ASTALIFT WHITE serial products hope to boost collagen production inward preventing pare pigmentation alongside pare firming benefits, The Clear Treatment for lawsuit feels lightweight without the gluey afterfeel.

Jason Wong, Regional Trainer of ASTALIFT, also shared v elementary steps to accomplish brighter skin!
Step 1: Clear clogged pores alongside ASTALIFT White Clear Treatment

Exfoliates irksome skin
Improves pare absorption
Evens out pare tone
Eliminates dark as well as white heads

Step 2: Eliminate dullness using the ASTALIFT White Bright Lotion
 RP: $64
Restores pare brilliance
Super anti-oxidize skin
Moisturises, hydrates as well as protects your skin
Improves pare function

Step 3: Infiltrate night spots alongside ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt 

RP: $115
Promotes pare brilliance
Super anti-oxidize skin
Moisturises, hydrates as well as protects skin
Diffuses night spots

Step 4: Make sure to convey optimal Sun protection alongside ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution

RP: $72
Efficacy proven
Sunscreen technology
Maximum wide spectrum protection
Can endure used equally a makeup base
With a UV sensor cap that turns from white to imperial when it detects UV

Step 5: Take the ASTALIFT White Shield Drink for internal Sun protection. 
What if having external UV protection as well as whitening prevention is non enough? 
How most boosting your inner UV protection score alongside the White Shield Drink. Containing 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin which protects the pare from harmful UV rays, derived from FUJIFILM's proprietary technology, the small-scale molecules let for tardily absorption as well as tasted yummy inward lemon as well as peach flavor. 
None of the fishy aroma associated alongside collagen drink.
I absolutely love it as well as yous should own too!

Check out the ASTALIFT WHITE Series here!


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