Things to do in Singapore: Hua Hin Station, Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin, a town famous for its beaches as well as regal getaways, is a uncomplicated 2.5hours from key Bangkok.
With its iconic red, Hua Hin Station serves equally a gateway to other parts of Thailand as well as has been welcoming visitors since its inauguration inwards the 1920s.

Relax, zone out as well as scout the onetime steam engined trains curlicue yesteryear equally fourth dimension ticks by.

 A Library Heaven

Do non precisely walk some the prepare station.
For mass lovers, measuring out of the nous station as well as cross the street to uncovering an extension of the once-used prepare cabins, instantly converted into a populace library for children and adults. It was much of a sky as well as a welcomed surprise. Do non immature lady it. Take off your shoes as well as walk some as well as mayhap fifty-fifty see a mass or two?

The outside of the library


The exterior of the nous Hua Hin Station

A whiff of nostalgia along the prepare platform. 

One of the features of the station is the Royal Waiting Room that used to serve the manly mortal monarch as well as his courtroom royales when they visit. 

You volition non immature lady it equally it's precisely yesteryear the side of the iconic Hua Hin signage. 
Make it a twenty-four hr menstruation trip or precisely purchase a ticket as well as board the prepare if you lot convey fourth dimension to spare. Either way, it volition last an sense to remember. 

Prapokklao Rd.Hua Hin 77110, Thailand


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