Best Things to do in Singapore: Howdy Stranger

It has taken me "only" 7 months to sit down downwards in addition to update this blog. The lastly ship service written inward Oct 'When I Come Back to Singapore Map One Day' (here on the right), received such an incredible reply that frankly everything I idea of writing later on seemed banal inward comparison. H5N1 photograph of a perfect avocado? No thanks. H5N1 sunrise? Been there, done that. Then I remembered that the argue why I started a spider web log inward the offset house was to conduct maintain a house to tape the banal in addition to everyday stuff. Also, I submitted all my lastly grades in addition to thence I conduct maintain means to a greater extent than time.
Here are to a greater extent than or less snapshots from the lastly few months.

Laksa Master at the Yale-NUS halt of twelvemonth dinner. Best nutrient at a travel house ever.

After x years of summer, winter. Christmas trip domicile to Verona.

Close friends in addition to household unit of measurement as happy that I am speaking well-nigh writer Elena Ferrante to mortal else.

Alexander competing inward the Singapore Map Nationals.

A lite breakfast of Char Kway Teow after 5:00 am swim training.

makes it to the Ivy League (Yale-NUS library).


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