Best Things to do in Singapore: A Portrait Of A Mom

An Audrey Hepburn meets Alice inwards Wonderland type of Mom.
The variety who believes inwards fairy tales as well as the magic of snow. The variety voted best dressed inwards high schoolhouse but who too bought her ain presents every bit a kid as well as thence she would select something to reveal on Christmas day. The variety who made every vacation a especial effect alongside baked cakes, basted turkeys, as well as pino cone decorated trees. The variety who ever made hot chocolate as well as sent you lot on trips alongside a footling extra coin as well as a banking company complaint to read later.
The variety who made maternity appear similar a cinch: whipping upwards impromptu meals for large groups of people, wrapping upwards presents at the speed of light, dressing upwards to operate out leaving behind a faint odor of Chanel n.5. The variety who has her grandchildren telephone telephone her Bronte, who is impossible to tell goodbye to on the phone, who suggests Witch Hazel or Bengay (sometimes both) every bit a solution to virtually problems.
The variety who greets disparate intelligence alongside the exact same wide-eyed await of disbelief: "You're moving to Singapore Map?" "You're non wearing a scarf?" "You're cooking?"
Not ever the best organizer: "But Signora, the charabanc you lot chartered to convey the grouping to the airdrome has less seats than people...Isn't that a map of San Francisco? I idea nosotros were going to New York...We've been assigned to slumber inwards rooms alongside random people. " (Good intelligence for some, less for others.)
Not ever the best at boosting confidence: "Don't worry, you'll hold out beautiful at sixteen. What's that? You are sixteen. Well, that's odd. Fingers crossed for seventeen."
Not ever the virtually discerning: "If you're non going to consume that perfectly fine slice of cheese on your infirmary tray, I will."
Not ever the virtually trustworthy: "Purple corduroy is all the rage. Your friends volition hold out jealous."
Not ever the virtually reliable: "Childbirth? H5N1 cakewalk. You were born earlier I knew it."
Not ever conventional : Mom, isn't it four am where you lot are? "Yeah, I merely felt similar chatting."
But always, no thing what...our biggest fan. Thank you, Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.


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