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UPDATE - March 2015 - Since writing this post Anjalichocolat has relocated to Dempsey in addition to is straight off based at 73 Loewen Road, #01-15/16.  They are opened upward daily from 11am - 5pm.  Anjalichocolat straight off also has a schoolhouse at Loewen Road where you lot tin acquire the fine art of chocolate making equally good equally their store with all their delicious chocolate combinations available.  Get yourself to Dempsey asap in addition to cheque out their Facebook page for to a greater extent than details!

Last Fri level saw me pay my firstly ever take in to Pasarbella.  I was surprised yesteryear how big it is in addition to simply how much is there, it's clearly somewhere I require to render to.  My argue for visiting though was to attend a chocolate tasting at the 1 of the stalls, Anjalichocolat.  Having ever loved chocolate in addition to with a confirmed sweetness molar this sounded similar a keen means to pass my evening!

Anjalichocolat opened inwards August at Pasarbella in addition to is clearly a existent passion in addition to dearest for its possessor Anjali.  Her in addition to her household unit of measurement get got been real fortunate to alive inwards many places all over the basis which gave her the chance to explore her many interests away from her ain career.  Whilst exploring these she discovered a dearest in addition to a existent talent for chocolate making.  Anjali was fascinating to utter to in addition to genuinely passionate in addition to knowledgeable close the fine art of chocolate making, something that clearly takes a lot of patience to acquire the chocolate simply right.

The chocolate samples (white, milk in addition to dark) to laid our palates for the tasting

Anjali began yesteryear explaining that nosotros would move sampling half-dozen dissimilar chocolates firstly with a white chocolate (the most subtle) upward to a black chocolate (71%).  She explained that when doing a tasting you lot shouldn't actually endeavour whatsoever to a greater extent than than close half-dozen inwards 1 acquire equally later on that dot the palate finds it hard to distinguish the gustation in addition to flavours.  It is also of import to endeavour the chocolates inwards society of the intensity of the chocolate.  The chocolates were paired with roughly sweetness wines (after all chocolate is a dessert correct thence the vino should move sweeter) firstly with a lite 1 to a slightly fruitier 1 for the black chocolate.

Lemongrass Coconut truffles

For each dissimilar 1 nosotros were to endeavour nosotros firstly had a small-scale sample slice of the type of chocolate used to laid our palates (see the photograph above).  Anjali makes all her chocolates on site at her stall inwards Pasarbella in addition to uses Belgian couverture chocolate amongst the finest ingredients, fresh cream, butter, fruit puree in addition to whole spices and, of course, absolutely no preservatives.  These chocolates are meant for eating in addition to enjoying straight off - non keeping!  

Salted caramel bonbons

Firstly nosotros tried the Lemongrass Coconut truffles.  I'm a big fan of lemongrass in addition to this chocolate was delicately flavoured, lite in addition to incredibly fresh tasting.  The slight compaction of the kokosnoot on the exterior of the truffle adding an extra wow element to the chocolate.  These were a existent hitting with me!  

We in addition to thence sampled the small-scale slice of milk chocolate to acquire our palates create for the side yesteryear side couplet of milk chocolates.  First upward were the Salted Caramel bonbons which were amazing!  I loved the lemongrass truffles but I shout out back these were fifty-fifty better.  As you lot combat into them you lot got a existent hitting of comforting oozy chocolate.  I could happily consume these all night!  Next, earlier moving on to the black chocolate, I tried the Earl Grey Tea Citrus, a actually delightful mix of Earl Grey tea in addition to citrus flavours.  These had a subtle fragile flavor in addition to  I also loved the designing on these chocolates.

Earl Grey Tea Citrus (in the foreground) in addition to Fig in addition to Ginger Truffles (in the background)

Finally it was fourth dimension for the black chocolate.  I would consider myself to a greater extent than of a white in addition to milk chocolate someone than black in addition to if I decided to purchase roughly chocolate would non necessarily select dark.  Anjali's dearest for chocolate making shone through 1 time again though equally she explained to us that when customer's come upward in addition to dot preferences she volition accept the fourth dimension to explicate the subtle residual of flavours in addition to encourage them to shout out back close stepping out of their comfort zone in addition to away from their park choices.  

After sampling the slice of black chocolate to acquire our palates create 1 time once again I began yesteryear trying the Star Anise bonbons.  By this dot nosotros had moved on to the slightly fruitier vino which was a perfect compliment.  Star anise is non my favourite spice but the combination of this with the black chocolate worked actually good together.

Left to right: Earl Grey Tea Citrus, Fig in addition to Ginger Truffles, Noir

Following that I tried the Fig in addition to Ginger truffles in addition to and thence the Noir.  I dearest ginger in addition to the zing of the ginger combined with the sweetness of the fig was lovely.  The Noir was, equally its mention suggests, simply pure black chocolate ganache inwards a black chocolate vanquish - all 71% of it!  Despite my natural leaning towards white or milk chocolate I was pleasantly surprised yesteryear all the black chocolates I sampled.  So if you lot take in Anjalichocolat head to Anjali in addition to her wealth of cognition in addition to sense in addition to move prepared to endeavour the chocolates you lot wouldn't commonly choose.

Star Anise Bonbons

The perfect combination chocolate in addition to wine

I had a lovely level sampling simply a few of Anjali's wonderful handmade chocolates.  I genuinely never realised simply how much of a labour of dearest chocolate making is in addition to this passion shines through inwards the delicious in addition to thoughtful chocolate combinations I got to try.  My personal favourites from the black were the Lemongrass Coconut truffles in addition to the Salted Caramel bonbons which later on a real informal poll of myself in addition to the others at that topographic point seemed to move the full general consensus.  Go in addition to purchase them yourselves (and the others) to run into whether you lot concord with me or not.  Anjali's chocolates would move perfect for a gift for whatsoever especial occasion but also simply for enjoying with roughly overnice vino in addition to practiced company!  I shall definitely return.

Selection boxes of chocolates simply waiting to move eaten!

Anjalichocolat is opened upward Mon - Dominicus 10am - 7.30pm

Stall email:

Telephone number: +65 9853 9663

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Thank you lot to Anjalichocolat for the sort invitation.


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