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After a lovely calendar week inward the Lake District nosotros hence spent a few days amongst my husband's solid unit of measurement inward Southport, whilst in that place nosotros decided to accept a twenty-four hours trip to Chester.  I've been to Chester a couplet of times before, the start fourth dimension was when I was inward my early on teens together with I intend the lastly fourth dimension was on a friend's hen weekend when I was inward my mid-twenties.  We had a bully weekend hence visiting the zoo, eating, drinking, dancing together with finally crashing all together inward her friend's real convenient solid closed to the metropolis centre!  Chester is, inward my opinion, a lovely metropolis total of history together with bully shops (though I didn't larn inward whatsoever of those this time) hence good worth the trip together with luckily non equally good far away from my in-laws.

Part of Chester's metropolis walls

Our see focused on a walk closed to the metropolis walls which appointment from Roman times.  Whilst nosotros were on our walk nosotros were able to run across the Roman amphitheatre, Chester castle, Chester cathedral, managed to divert off the wall to halt for dejeuner together with refreshments together with also saw Chester racecourse.  Chester has a rich history dating from Roman times onwards having originally been founded equally a fortress yesteryear the Romans equally they expanded their empire northwards.  The remains of Roman Chester together with the Chester of other fourth dimension periods are easily constitute throughout the city.

Roman remains inward Chester

As I mentioned higher upwards the metropolis walls appointment from Roman times together with were built to protect Chester.  The walls were later on extended during Medieval times to shape a consummate circuit of the city.  At the terminate of the Civil War the walls were no longer maintained for defensive purposes but became of leisure together with recreational involvement instead.  Walking the walls is a pleasant means to consider the metropolis together with also a real slow walk.  There are enough of points where yous tin come upwards off the walls if yous practise ask or desire to together with yous tin walk equally fast or deadening together with equally far equally yous wish.

Eastgate clock

Towards the terminate of our walk nosotros came to the Eastgate clock.  It is said to live the most photographed clock inward the U.K. after Big Ben.  I don't know if that's truthful or non but I've added to the pose out of photos taken of it I guess!  The clock stands on the site of the master copy entrance to the Roman fortress of Deva Victrix.  In illustration yous had non realised the gate (the acquaint i dating from 1768) is the Eastgate which joins these parts of the metropolis wall.  It gives yous bully views over the busy metropolis centre streets together with allows yous to interruption together with accept your fourth dimension people watching for a while.  What makes the walls fifty-fifty lovelier (in my opinion) is the pose out of piddling shops built into the walls or amongst an entrance from the wall.  It fascinated me to intend virtually what shops together with businesses may induce got been run inward these spaces inward years gone by.

Chester's metropolis centre equally viewed from Eastgate

It was lovely to live dorsum inward Chester over again after quite a few (and mayhap equally good many) years.  Our walk closed to the walls was fun, interesting together with allow us run across a lot of the principal parts of the metropolis too.  If yous always detect yourself inward this business office of the U.K. I'd recommend visiting this city.


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