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After spending the offset business office of our summertime interruption inwards the northward of the Great Britain nosotros headed due south for the concluding business office to Kent to pass around fourth dimension alongside my family.  There was lots of catching upward alongside household unit of measurement too friends but also a picayune fourth dimension for around days out too.  One such 24-hour interval was spent at Dover castle a cracking house to see too 1 I haven't been to for a real long time.  We were lucky to cause got the most amazing conditions for our visit, a really beautiful British summertime 24-hour interval alongside glorious sunshine too bluish skies. The lastly fourth dimension I visited it was raining too blowing a gale, Dover castle is pretty exposed thus that really wasn't thus much fun!

On arrival nosotros headed lead for the medieval castle which is the largest inwards England.  It was built inwards the twelfth century (prior to this an Iron Age colina fort stood on the site) too has had defensive significance throughout its history due to its seat on the top of the famous white cliffs of Dover.  We firstly went into the Great Tower (featured inwards my photos) to expect at the displays almost the history of the castle too what medieval life would cause got been like.  There are lots of recreations too props showing what the kitchens too Great Hall would cause got looked like.

At the top of the Great Tower you lot are able to become out on to the roof too accept inwards around cracking views.  Unfortunately on the 24-hour interval nosotros visited it was real hazy despite the conditions existence beautiful. You tin run into inwards my photos below simply how hazy the ferries coming into too leaving Dover look, definitely no run a peril of catching a glimpse of French Republic across the English linguistic communication Channel that day! Nevertheless though nosotros got to run into around lovely views of the Kent countryside too the town of Dover stretching out below us too experience the warm sunshine on our faces.  Afterwards nosotros too thus visited an exhibition almost Henry II, the King who built Dover castle too learnt almost the empire he built too around other museum dedicated to the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. 

View towards Dover, although it was a gorgeous 24-hour interval it was real hazy.
View across Dover docks from the castle, 1 time to a greater extent than you lot tin run into how hazy it was.  There was no run a peril of catching a glimpse of French Republic that day.

I'm non sure how onetime I was the lastly fourth dimension I went to Dover castle I'm non sure I was fifty-fifty inwards my teens but I'm pretty sure at that signal you lot could non see the tunnels that cause got played such a crucial operate inwards diverse points inwards the castle's history.  The tunnels really engagement from Napoleonic times too were originally dug to live used equally barracks too storerooms for the troops too their equipment. At the goal of the Napoleonic wars the tunnels were partly converted to live used inwards the grapple against smuggling but this was exclusively for a curt piece too inwards 1827 the tunnels were abandoned.

The tunnels remained abandoned until the outbreak of the Second World War when, inwards 1939 they were converted firstly into an air raid shelter too and thus into a armed services ascendency centre too undercover hospital.  It was from these tunnels that the evacuation of British too French troops from Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo) was directed.  Later inwards their history it was also planned that they would live used equally a shelter for Government inwards the lawsuit of a nuclear ready on but this programme was eventually abandoned. 

Back though to their utilization during the Second World War.  A see to Dover castle forthwith has to include visiting the ii tunnel exhibits too despite the queueing to become downward into the tunnels (only thus many are allowed downward alongside each guide) it is good worth it.  We firstly queued to become into the undercover infirmary tunnel complex.  As nosotros walked through nosotros got to run into the tunnels recreated to expect equally they would cause got done during the state of war too followed the storey of a injured airplane pilot brought to the infirmary for life saving treatment.  The exhibition is excellently presented alongside both visual too recording effects.  I tin never appreciate what it was really similar downward at that topographic point inwards state of war fourth dimension but this for sure gives me around idea.

Our guide was also real good, total of interesting facts too real engaging.  At 1 signal of the tour the tunnel nosotros had walked downward continued farther on before us but our tour took us through a door to the right.  As our guide finished speaking too nosotros turned to follow him I noticed a human being inwards uniform standing at the goal of the tunnel who glanced at his spotter equally I looked at him.  He hadn't been at that topographic point before too although I suspect it was a projection on to the wall designed to exclusively live spotted past times the observant few our guide was splendid at non giving anything away.  Only myself too my 1 stepson had noticed him or at to the lowest degree nosotros were the exclusively ii to state nosotros had after my stepson commented presently later that he'd seen a human being standing at the goal of the tunnel we'd simply been in.  The guide's reaction was perfect leaving it to us to create upward one's quest heed what we'd seen.  Later inwards the tour nosotros really passed through the goal of the corridor where this human being had been standing before but stupidly I forgot to expect too run into if at that topographic point was anything obvious to confirm it was simply a projection. Who knows .... what produce you lot think?

After exploring the undercover infirmary tunnels nosotros too thus went into the tunnels inwards the photograph below to run into the Operation Dynamo exhibit.  Again you lot cause got to queue equally exclusively thus many are allowed inwards the tunnels at 1 fourth dimension alongside the guide but it is worth it.  We weren't waiting equally good long either considering it was a lovely 24-hour interval too it was the schoolhouse summertime holidays (plus the Fri before a populace holiday), thus inwards theory a potentially real busy 24-hour interval to live visiting.

This exhibit was slightly dissimilar to the undercover infirmary this 1 took us through the storey of the whole functioning too how the rescue was engineered rather than next an individuals story.  Again though it was total of visual too audio effects too real informative.  As good equally the Operation Dynamo exhibit nosotros also got to run into a release of rooms inside the tunnels equally they would cause got looked during their utilization inwards the state of war including a outcry telephone commutation too several others.  I beloved this type of history too seeing onetime wartime posters on the wall, items arranged equally they probable were inwards state of war fourth dimension etc. was a thrill for me.

Entrance to the tunnels used during the Second World War

The whole 24-hour interval was non inexpensive but good worth the coin considering all nosotros got to see.  If it had simply been the castle I would cause got felt a fleck disappointed but the access to the tunnels too the exhibits inwards them really made it a worthwhile visit, it also easily filled a whole day.  It is good worth a see if you lot honour yourself inwards that business office of Kent.


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