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Despite having simply been dorsum to the Great Britain for Christmas I withal (unbelievably) accept 1 to a greater extent than purpose of my summertime trip to share!  My weblog resolution for 2014 undoubtedly is to last to a greater extent than prompt inwards my weblog postings.  By the way I won't last sharing whatsoever of my latest trip back, simply because it was mainly spent alongside household unit of measurement doing all those typically Christmas things in addition to was solely a relatively brief visit.  It was lovely nonetheless. 

So the terminal purpose of my tour of the Great Britain inwards the summertime was to become dorsum upward due north to Edinburgh.  For the terminal calendar week of our trip my hubby was on a function conference in that location hence I spent the rootage few days of that calendar week alongside my household unit of measurement in addition to and then travelled upward the 24-hour interval earlier (my husband's birthday) our flights out from Glasgow dorsum to Singapore.  Edinburgh is a house I've been to many times in addition to is undoubtedly a fabulous city. Obviously this was a real brief see hence nosotros didn't instruct to create much but it was an enjoyable way to halt our trip.

I travelled upward to Edinburgh yesteryear educate from London.  Something I've done previously in addition to had made a witting conclusion to create this fourth dimension rather than taking a flying up.  The views every bit you lot go upward through the due north eastward of England are beautiful in addition to every bit you lot cross over into Scotland the educate work travels parallel to the coast, 1 time again providing you lot alongside some beautiful scenery.  If you lot accept the fourth dimension to create it I'd definitely recommend travelling upward this way.  A flying is evidently quicker but the educate journeying is solely some iv in addition to a one-half hours straight in addition to if you lot mass your ticket inwards advance you lot tin instruct a decent cost in addition to reserve a seat.  Always a skillful thought every bit the trains on these psyche routes across dry soil tin instruct busy. 

Personally I similar the fact you lot tin simply become far at Kings Cross, London to become to Edinburgh (or whatsoever educate station when you lot are travelling yesteryear educate to places), instruct on the educate in addition to become rather than having to instruct in that location hence long earlier travelling to cheque in, become through safety etc. every bit you lot create alongside flying. Whilst I don't heed flying I accept to acknowledge I don't relish all of that beforehand.  I truly quite relish travelling to places yesteryear educate in addition to every bit I accept no alternative but to go on planes most of the fourth dimension it's dainty to accept the chance to become yesteryear some other agency sometimes if I can.  My hubby was, of course, on his conference that 24-hour interval every bit good hence I planned to grab a educate which got me to Edinburgh belatedly afternoon to consider me 1 time he'd finished hence nosotros could become dorsum to the hotel. 

View towards Edinburgh castle

As I mentioned it was my husband's birthday in addition to hence nosotros had planned to become to a eating spot for a meal.  A few places were suggested but inwards the halt nosotros went to the Jamie's Italian in Edinburgh. We've been to the 1 inwards Brighton earlier in addition to I've ever enjoyed the food.  We've yet to endeavor out the 1 hither inwards Singapore in addition to I've seen mixed reviews but for sure inwards the Great Britain the restaurants are fun in addition to affordable.  I especially enjoyed my starter which was the seasonal vegetable crudites on H2O ice served alongside a mint in addition to lemon yoghurt.  The vegetables were fresh in addition to the yoghurt a refreshing accompaniment, I for sure felt real good for you lot choosing that one.  We enjoyed a skillful repast in addition to skillful company, what to a greater extent than could you lot desire for a birthday dinner?

Our flying dorsum to Singapore was inwards the eve the next 24-hour interval hence nosotros had the forenoon to create a petty wandering about Edinburgh (and a petty in conclusion infinitesimal shopping) earlier making our way across to Glasgow.  We went for a walk inwards Princes Street gardens to laid about alongside but every bit the skies looked similar it mightiness last nearly to pelting nosotros decided an indoor activeness would last best.  So nosotros decided to become into the Scottish National Gallery which is real closed to the gardens. 

I truly had no thought what artwork was in that location beforehand but accept to tell I was truly impressed, best of all in addition to similar hence many fine art galleries in addition to museums inwards the Great Britain it's gratis to enter.  The gallery houses the Scottish National Collection of fine fine art spanning the menses from the early on Renaissance to the halt of the nineteenth century.  A highlight for me was that nosotros were lucky plenty to consider Rodin's The Kiss which is currently on loan to the gallery from Tate Britain, nosotros had no thought that was the representative until nosotros went in.  According to the gallery's website it volition solely last in that location until the 2d February, hence if you lot are inwards Edinburgh instruct in that location shortly to consider it.  Besides this in that location are pieces yesteryear Botticelli, John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, Rubens, Rembrandt in addition to many to a greater extent than artists from across Europe.  Of course of report in that location is also a selection of paintings depicting the beautiful Scottish countryside every bit good every bit portraits of notable people from Scottish history many of which were painted yesteryear Scottish artists.  We spent an interesting forenoon in that location wandering about in addition to admiring the pieces.

All also shortly though it was fourth dimension to build our way to Glasgow for our flying dorsum to Singapore.  I'd accept loved simply a petty combat longer dorsum inwards Edinburgh every bit despite beingness in that location several times in that location are withal things I've non managed to create that I would like.  Hopefully we'll instruct dorsum in that location 1 time again earlier long hence I can.


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