Singaporetourismmap: German Daughter Shrine - Pulau Ubin

I mentioned inward my previous postal service after my view to Pulau Ubin that whilst at that spot nosotros managed to run into something quite interesting.  This beingness the High German Girl Shrine.  I had truly already heard of this, thank yous to a previous spider web log postal service I'd read old agone (and others since) but I had no persuasion where it was on Ubin as well as whether, given nosotros were walking, we'd last able to instruct anywhere close it.  Luckily though nosotros managed to create only that as well as did instruct to run into this curious place.  

It was non that good signposted but wasn't every bit good hard to observe thank yous to it beingness inward a bright yellowish edifice tucked only downwards a side route as well as clearly visible from where nosotros were walking.  There was a sign on the route for the shrine only earlier nosotros arrived at it, but this was the alone 1 as well as alone directed us inward a fairly full general direction.  So if yous instruct out looking for it yourself brand sure to instruct out on an oculus out for that yellowish edifice every bit yous could easily walk correct by it.

The High German Girl Shrine is truly a lilliputian fight of a mystery it seems.  The flush dates dorsum to earlier the First World War as well as to a High German household unit of measurement who owned a java plantation on Pulau Ubin at the time.  The province truly belonged to 2 High German families but the exact identity of who the High German daughter was is non known.  When state of war was declared inward 1914 the colonial Government hither inward Singapore began seizing High German businesses, properties as well as thence on, including the java plantation on Ubin.  The daughter managed to escape into the woods, no 1 knows just what happened after that but a few days later her trunk was found.  It was assumed she had got lost as well as fallen to her death.

The flush surrounding this unknown High German daughter goes on to state that when the state of war was over her household unit of measurement returned to endeavour as well as locate her remains.  Sadly they weren't able to create thence as well as thence left Singapore.  The remains were said to convey been kept inward a Taoist temple where they remained until, inward the 1970s, a novel temple was erected to solid them.  In fourth dimension this temple became a pop house for worshippers praying for skillful luck inward gambling.  By as well as then the daughter was regarded every bit a deity every bit only about lucky gamblers attributed their skillful fortune to her as well as the shrine was adorned amongst offerings of fruit, flowers as well as other things every bit to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than came to worship there.

The flush reached its determination when a local who had migrated to Commonwealth of Australia had several dreams nigh the deity as well as to pay his respects later went out as well as bought a Barbie doll which he sent to Pulau Ubin.  The doll has since instruct out the symbolic idol of the shrine as well as is nevertheless at that spot along amongst many items typically associated amongst immature girls/teenagers.  People nevertheless regularly come upward to leave of absence these items as well as pay their respects to the girl.  

Having visited many temples this 1 amongst its cuddly toys, brand up, perfumes as well as thence on is sure as shooting the most odd as well as quirky I've seen.  Sadly it seems right away that the identity of the High German daughter has been lost inward the mists of fourth dimension as well as volition in all likelihood never been known.  Although it seems odd for her retention to last preserved inward this agency it is also lovely to mean value that this unfortunate nameless daughter is remembered nevertheless to this day.


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