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Unless you've been hiding nether a rock for the past times calendar week you lot can't neglect to receive got heard virtually the haze (well inward truth smog) that has blighted Singapore, Malaysia too Indonesia.

I've lived inward Singapore iii years side past times side calendar month too the haze is an annual occurrence but this was on a whole dissimilar degree to anything I'd seen before.  It became then big it's fifty-fifty got its ain Wikipedia page!  Usually it volition hold out hazy for a few days, peradventure they'll hold out a faint smoky odor inward the air too that's virtually it.  In fact because I've barely fifty-fifty noticed it inward previous years I haven't fifty-fifty felt the demand to write virtually it here.  This twelvemonth they seem to receive got begun the burning before which has coincided amongst a drier period.  In Singapore at that spot has been no pelting for good over a calendar week which did non assistance to damp downward the haze which developed.

In instance you lot are wondering the haze has been caused past times illegal fires started on the Indonesian isle of Sumatra to clear the province gear upwards to institute crops.  Much of the farmland that is alight is owned past times palm crude companies.  There is a big demand for palm crude too farmers role what is called 'slash too burn' techniques to clear the province every bit this is considered the quickest agency to produce so.

This year's haze began inward a similar agency to those I've experienced previously.  The say tale slightly smoky odor too hazy hold back of the sky.  Last Tuesday eve I met a friend for dinner too nosotros sat outside, whilst it was smoky too did seem worse than I recalled it existence it nevertheless didn't bother me unduly.  

Early morn on Tuesday, a hazy sunrise

On Midweek I went to work.  By the nature of my run I tin oftentimes hold out inward a fighting of a bubble from the exterior basis every bit I'm commonly inward a room amongst no windows too it's alone when I come upwards out that I'll realise it's raining, for example.  A similar affair happened final Midweek when I was shocked too surprised to encounter but how smoky too hazy it had instruct since I'd arrived before that morning.  I took the next photos from the same persuasion indicate at run inward the Orchard expanse of the metropolis on Midweek too Th morning.  I intend you lot tin encounter a deviation betwixt the ii days, peculiarly if you lot hold back at the far tower blocks betwixt the buildings inward the foreground.


I don't run on Friday's too every bit the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) used to mensurate pollution levels had been climbing on Midweek too Thursday, breaking the previous highest tape inward Singapore every bit it went.  I decided I'd rest at home.  Previously the worst recorded pollution was inward 1997 when the PSI reached 226.  On Midweek eve the iii lx minutes reading reached 321 moving into the hazardous zone too at 1pm on Th the iii lx minutes reading reached 371.  Friday ultimately saw that tape broken i time to a greater extent than amongst a reading of 401 recorded at 12pm!

Although I didn't instruct whatever photos from Fri too was indoors I nevertheless felt the effects of such a high reading.  Despite having all our doors too windows near at that spot are nevertheless gaps some doors too the haze crept into our condo on Fri amongst ease.  I didn't receive got a mask but if I had I would definitely receive got wanted to wearable it, fifty-fifty indoors.  At the meridian of the haze, too every bit I've noticed inward many photos, everything seemed to receive got a yellowish tinge to it too every bit had been the instance for the preceding few days the air smelt acrid too thick amongst smoke.  I've never given whatever thought to what it must hold out similar to alive inward an unhealthy, polluted identify but having experienced this I don't intend I'll e'er accept bluish skies too fresh air for granted again.

Mercifully the air current direction changed on Sat afternoon too fifty-fifty though I took this photo, i time to a greater extent than from work, on Sat morn past times the afternoon the skies were looking a lot clearer too healthier.

Saturday morning

Sadly though it is forthwith affecting Malaysia but every bit badly too of course of didactics parts of Republic of Indonesia receive got also been hit.  The fires are nevertheless burning though then a modify of air current direction could encounter the same problems returning to Singapore again.  If it does nosotros tin alone promise that it won't hold out every bit bad every bit final week.

If you lot desire to encounter to a greater extent than photos of how bad the haze was accept a hold back at the posts on this blog or to instruct an thought of the touching on of previous periods of haze accept a hold back here.


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