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At the destination of our trip to the UK, equally I said previously, nosotros stayed inwards Kent too visited my family. My Mum celebrated a especial birthday inwards Oct which I knew I wasn't going to survive able to survive inwards the U.K. for.  Mainly because of the terms of flights too diverse planned trips nosotros already had, including a trip dorsum to the U.K. this Christmas too diverse events (four weddings inwards iv unlike countries) side past times side twelvemonth equally well.  So I suggested nosotros leave of absence for a especial solar daytime somewhere whilst I was identify which should survive her selection too could survive her early on birthday celebration amongst me.  

Somewhere she'd oftentimes mentioned earlier too never been to was Penshurst Place inwards Penshurst almost Tonbridge, Kent hence it was decided this would survive where nosotros would go.  The solar daytime was some other beautiful summertime 1 too nosotros lay off together amongst a unopen menage unit of measurement friend.  My Dad used to survive a butcher too whilst serving his apprenticeship equally a teenager took many meat deliveries to the delineate of piece of occupation solid for the menage unit of measurement past times bike.  On 1 of these visits he'd been lucky plenty to survive shown some some of the delineate of piece of occupation solid but that was the closest whatever of us had got to visiting and, of course, that was sometime agone now!  

The delineate of piece of occupation solid though is even hence privately owned too lived inwards equally it was hence too was surprisingly inexpensive to brand it to compared to many other like properties, adult tickets were solely £10, children £6.50 too menage unit of measurement tickets solely £28 too it was cheaper even hence if yous solely wanted to hold off some the gardens!  Once yous are inwards at that topographic point is a cafe (serving coffee, tea, mutual frigidity drinks too snacks), a eating topographic point amongst an first-class arrive at of food, a good stocked gift shop, a play expanse for children, a toy museum too a maze to brand your solar daytime complete.

We got tickets for both the delineate of piece of occupation solid too gardens too began our solar daytime past times looking some the house. Penshurst Place is 1 of England's oldest menage unit of measurement homes.  It was for a fourth dimension owned past times Henry VIII too hence inwards 1552 was gifted to the Sidney menage unit of measurement too was the birthplace of the Elizabethan poet, courtier too soldier, Sir Philip Sidney.  The master business office of the delineate of piece of occupation solid was built inwards 1341 past times Sir John de Pulteney, a wealthy London merchant too Lord Mayor of London, who wanted a province identify within a day's ride of London.  It is also regarded equally 1 of the best preserved examples of a defended manor delineate of piece of occupation solid inwards England, beingness built at a fourth dimension when these properties were no longer automatically built equally castles but rather dwellings that could survive defended inwards an emergency.

Inside the delineate of piece of occupation solid the rooms are total of beautiful paintings too slice of furniture equally good equally a collection of arms too armour.  The tour of the delineate of piece of occupation solid begins within the Great Hall known equally the Baron's Hall.  Beneath the hall at that topographic point is a crypt which I imagine would survive a neat identify to concur parties equally good equally the hall naturally. From at that topographic point nosotros toured through several to a greater extent than rooms earlier ending upwards at a display of personal menage unit of measurement photos.

As I mentioned it was a beautiful summer's solar daytime hence later our tour of the delineate of piece of occupation solid nosotros decided to walk a footling some some of the gardens too soak upwards the sunshine.  The gardens at Penshurst are 1 of the oldest inwards individual ownership amongst records dating from 1346.  The gardens are expansive (48 acres) too include a lovely formal walled garden originally lay out inwards 1580, some of which tin survive seen inwards my photos.  My personal favourite business office was when nosotros stumbled across the apple tree orchard below.  There was seating hither too it was a pleasant footling spot to taste the skillful weather.

Penshurst Place is non somewhere almost my parents identify that I would automatically advise people visiting the expanse instruct to, but I was pleasantly surprised past times how much at that topographic point was to encounter too how reasonable it was.  Definitely a identify to consider if yous are always inwards Kent.

Apple trees inwards the orchard


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