Singaporetourismmap: Picnic Together With Deepavali Celebrations At Gardens Yesteryear The Bay

The showtime Sabbatum inwards Nov was a vacation inwards Singapore for Deepavali.  Unfortunately every bit the vacation savage on a Sabbatum in that place was no official twenty-four hours off inwards lieu for it together with it was upwards to companies to approve this individually.  I function Saturdays together with originally idea I mightiness larn an unexpected twenty-four hours off every bit nosotros are usually closed on world holidays but every bit Sabbatum tends to hold out i of our busier days nosotros were opened upwards together with so I ended upwards having to work.  I don't function Fridays though together with my husband's fellowship also gave all of their staff the Fri off function inwards lieu of the holiday.  Happily this thence meant that nosotros were both costless on the Fri together with could brand unopen to plans for the twenty-four hours together with bask the vacation a twenty-four hours early.

We decided it would hold out fun to accept a picnic, something nosotros haven't done a neat bargain since moving to Singapore, I gauge mainly because of the climate.  It was decided nosotros would leave of absence to Gardens past times the Bay together with proceed our fingers crossed that it wouldn't pelting or larn likewise hot! As nosotros also accept a yearly Friends of the Garden pass, which allows us entry into the domes together with on the Skyway walk through the Supertree Grove, nosotros idea nosotros could bask those i time again likewise afterwards.

Friday arrived together with although it did pelting a fiddling inwards the morning, other than making it incredibly humid for a fiddling piece it wasn't a launder out together with didn't demeanour on our plans.  We enjoyed a lovely picnic luncheon of bread, meats, cheese together with wine, whilst watching lizards together with other visitors to the gardens enjoying themselves - perfect!

As I mentioned it was Deepavali weekend together with Gardens past times the Bay had a themed display, every bit they create for many of the diverse holidays together with for other events throughout the year.  They are ever good worth checking out.  We went into the Flower Dome showtime together with were greeted past times a beautiful display of flowers together with model elephants.  The elephants actually looked at abode nestled inwards alongside the carpets of flowers.  There were lots of interesting facts most the festival of Deepavali to read likewise every bit nosotros walked inwards alongside the flowers that are ever on exhibit inwards the dome together with those particularly chosen for the themed display.

After a relaxing afternoon inwards the Flower Dome together with walking on the Skyway enjoying the views nosotros finished our twenty-four hours with unopen to much needed liquid refreshment at a bar nosotros seem to leave of absence to quite a lot.  It's called South Coast together with is inwards the Shoppes mall at Marina Bay Sands overlooking the bay area.  It has an exterior together with within seating expanse together with is perfect for a fiddling Lord's Day afternoon people watching.  It has unintentionally larn a favourite haunt of ours, we've also eaten in that place together with the nutrient is skillful likewise with the commons choices of bar snacks, pizzas, a arrive at of principal meals, desserts together with brunch items (which nosotros sampled) all served daily.  We ended upwards spending a fiddling longer in that place than anticipated that twenty-four hours every bit an afternoon tempest took concord leaving us stranded inwards the bar!  However it's non a bad identify to larn stuck together with was a lovely goal to a lovely day.

Drinks with a persuasion (from a dissimilar see to South Coast)


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