Singaporetourismmap: Thaipusam 2014

Just over a calendar week agone (17 Jan 2014) the Hindu festival of here) saw me walk the entire 4.5km road from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple on Serangoon Road to the Sri Thendayuthapani temple on Tank Road with the devotees carrying their Kavadis as well as other offerings.  For the concluding 3 I've decided only to discovery from a specific betoken along the route.  

If you've never experienced it for yourself as well as you lot accept the chance to I would strongly advise that you lot do.  It's dissimilar whatever other religious festival that I've witnessed as well as an sense that actually does remain amongst you lot for a long fourth dimension afterwards.  This twelvemonth was the begin fourth dimension my hubby got to run across it for himself as well as whilst nosotros alone watched for a lilliputian spell here, every mo I haven't written nearly it since my begin year, are only a few photos from the day.

Not seen this before, Kavadis that expect similar the Hindu temples


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