Singaporetourismmap: #Worldcolors #Worldcolours - June - Bluish - What Does Bluish Hateful To Me?

I'm belatedly over again but June's color was bluish which reminds me of beautiful skies.  I adore seeing huge expanses of heaven either dotted amongst clouds or completely cloudless.  I appreciate bluish skies (though I also dear the rainy days hither too) fifty-fifty to a greater extent than straightaway later the choking haze of June end yr inward Singapore.  I couldn't expect to come across bluish heaven over again later that.  Likewise the beautiful deep bluish of skies at dusk too inward the early on eve ever mesmerises me too. 

Here's a option of some of my favourite bluish skies.

Dusk over Bangkok
Blue heaven too clouds reflected inward Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Blue heaven over Lichfield cathedral, UK
Blue heaven poking through the trees, Pinewoods, nearly Liverpool, UK

Blue heaven through the Supertrees, Gardens yesteryear the Bay, Singapore 
Spring fourth dimension bluish skies, summertime is simply roughly the corner! Hever Castle, Kent, UK
Casares, Spain

Supertrees, Gardens yesteryear the Bay too Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

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