Singaporetourismmap: #Worldcolors #Worldcolours 2014 - February - Cerise - What Does Cerise Hateful To Me?

February's color for #worldcolors #worldcolours is red.  As ruby-red was 1 of concluding year's colours as well as I've already shared a lot of my ruby-red photos I knew I needed to approach this calendar month from a slightly dissimilar angle.  So alongside that inward heed I idea most what ruby-red agency to me.

Red volition e'er brand me hollo upwards of Christmas, of Father Christmas as well as tinsel, baubles as well as lights twinkling as well as catching the light.  Red is my favourite color as well as is a warm as well as happy colour, thinking of Christmas makes me hollo upwards of mutual coldness wintry nights, cozy warm fires as well as blankets.  Cold weather condition that simply makes you lot desire to seat your most comfy wearing clothing on, spotter TV as well as rest indoors is something I withal miss.  I'm non sure forthwith (it's been simply over 3 as well as a one-half years) that I'll ever genuinely become used to living inward a climate equally permanently warm as well as unchangeable equally Singapore's is.  Christmas fourth dimension makes me experience that all the to a greater extent than as well as and then much of what is Christmas for me simply doesn't adapt hot weather. 

Red also makes me hollo upwards of the traditional things from domicile similar ruby-red post service boxes or telephone boxes.  Though both of these photos were genuinely taken inward Singapore as well as ruby-red telephone boxes are increasingly rare now, these withal serve equally a piddling reminder of home.

Of class living inward Singapore ruby-red forthwith makes me hollo upwards of Chinese New Year's Day celebrations too.  Red is a real of import color during the Chinese New Year's Day menstruum as well as ruby-red decorations, Panthera leo dances as well as outfits are everywhere.

As I was thinking most what ruby-red meant to me I realised it makes me hollo upwards of my hubby too.  I hollo upwards ruby-red is 1 of his favourite colours, he for sure wears it a lot as well as has lots of ruby-red polo shirts as well as t-shirts.

What does ruby-red hateful to you?

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