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The Elixir of Life

Klarity returns alongside a novel production subsequently the resounding success of their Klarity LaserTox CC Miracle White Lotion — The Immortal Elixir.
Working on the principal element of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, these concentrations heightens regulations of prison theater cellular telephone functions in addition to adapts to the needs of every individual. It's similar botox, without the needle and minus the toll tag. Best of all? You tin practise it at home, anywhere, anytime. The bottle is in addition to hence slim in addition to light-weight, it's pretty tardily to bear it around. 


For the traveller inwards me who can't sit down still, this is perfect every bit a hydrating, power add-on spray that I tin convey alongside me constantly because it comes inwards a 50ml size spray size which tin live brought along inwards your carry-on bag! ( maximum liquid total totals at 100ml). Triple the joy when on a flight, over dissimilar fourth dimension zones in addition to drying air from the cabin.
Assisting alongside a natural glow, lifting in addition to smaller pores alongside each application, it's convenience on-the-go.

Protect, Prevent in addition to Treat

No affair what historic menses you lot are 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, nosotros tin never live likewise immature or onetime to start alongside our anti-aging regime.  In addition to the unpredictable climate modify worldwide, the environmental stress tin actually live detrimental to our peel well-being. 
Start tedious in addition to small. I mean value the Klarity Immortal Elixir is a proficient investment to larn things rolling.

10 Benefits inwards ane handy bottle. If it sounds likewise proficient to live true, well, it's at nowadays possible.
Instant Lift
Anti Wrinkles/ Lines
Cell rejuvenation
Skin clarity
Anti-acne ( whew!)
Minimizes pores ( I demand that)
24 hours wet & Hydration
Skin Renewal

How to Use

Best recommended: After toner in addition to earlier the serum. Spray 3 to v times nearly 20cm away from confront in addition to body. Use twice a 24-hour interval or whenever needed. Suitable for earlier in addition to subsequently makeup in addition to for all peel types.

The droplets are in addition to hence fine they disappear inwards minutes alongside minimal effort, without patting...  one spray spurts out a 10 cents money worth of amount.

Read what customers convey to tell nearly Immortal Elixir and photo comparisons 

After Use. My Thoughts. 

So far I convey been using for nearly 1 calendar week in addition to I convey no complaints. Firstly, it does non drive whatever reactions on my sensitive peel in addition to I experience hydrated alongside no sense of dryness fifty-fifty inwards air-conditioned places. The elixir dries upwardly similar a shot upon touching your skin, leaving no sense of stickiness, making subsequent applications alongside serum in addition to BB cushion much to a greater extent than manageable in addition to lasting. It's light, feels every bit is in that location is goose egg on your peel in addition to comes without irritating fragrances.

I convey not noticed my pores becoming smaller or my peel becoming smoother every bit yet. But I am anticipating subsequent longer periods of usage to come across if improvements happen. Radiance, rejuvenated skin? Bring it on! 
To purchase, caput to their listing of stockist


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Here's your take away a opportunity to attempt out the Klarity Immortal Elixir too! 

About Klarity

Klarity is the outset halal certified skincare construct inwards Singapore ( yes, back upwardly local!), in addition to they believe inwards the usage of leading-edge technology scientific discipline for youthful in addition to good for you lot skin. They aim to allow customers experience proficient in addition to await proficient through the most convenient agency – inwards fact, almost instantaneous!

Klarity has won numerous awards such every bit CLEO Clear peel 2016, Women’s weekly best beauty buys 2015 & 2016 in addition to many more. Our bestselling Klarity LaserTox CC Miracle white Lotion was also featured inwards a famous Taiwan beauty programme, 女人我最大.

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