Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge For Solo Travellers (Tokyo, Japan)

Bar Lounge X Hostel 

Nui.Tokyo Central Hostel looks strangely out of identify despite its modern forward-facing exterior with the ceiling-to-floor drinking glass windows. Perhaps due to the location. Nested with the tranquillity neighbouring district of  Kurame, off Asakusa district, y'all volition detect local estates nearby (more almost its environment later). Location wise it is definitely a prime number spot to larn y'all to downtown Tokyo within minutes. 
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Nui is an integrated hostel with bar lounge services come upward nighttime time. What greets y'all at the 1st degree of the top dog antechamber volition live on the stylish, contemporary interior. Makes y'all experience correct at home, right? 

Bar Lounge

A pop waterhole bar for the working class, the bar was filled to the brim when I returned "home"  every nighttime during my stay. The crowd was definitely non rowdy as well as they were all pretty decent, talking as well as drinking. For woman mortal travellers, at that spot should live on no worry almost security equally this was different a club/dancing setting. If y'all are non exhausted, bring together the crowd as well as taste the alive band music! 

Sound Proof

From the lobby/bar area, accept a elevator as well as caput to 2d degree as well as up, to where the rooms are. The racket gets filtered out as well as at that spot was no disturbance at all. For someone who is specially sensitive to noise, I tin certainly testify to the sound-proof abilities. By the way, the patrons of the bar create smoke indoors equally I noted. 

In the morning time java as well as breakfast are served at the bar counter exactly at an additional charge.


A mini elevator serves hostel guests upward to different levels. I spent a sum of SGD $113 for 4 nights, almost SGD$30+ per nighttime for an 8-bed all female dormitory, which was fairly reasonable for a nighttime remain inward Tokyo.

Room Tour

Once up, y'all volition spot many other family/couple rooms along the corridor. It was non appropriate to accept photos within the dorm with the occupants, exactly good it was made upward of 4 double bunk beds with a middle walkway. You know typical arrangements. 
Each bed came attached with a bed lamp, charging ports as well as gratis wifi. There were also mutual cupboards as well as locks for prophylactic proceed your items. 
The bed was fairly comfortable enough and came with everything a dorm needs, warm plenty from the exterior cold.
My room of 8 beds were all taken upward as well as and thence were the other rooms when I was at that spot inward April.

Common Area


Each degree comes with i mutual washroom/toilet. Amenities similar soap, laundry baskets, hairdryers are available as well as fairly clean. No towels provided to guests, y'all may buy with them if necessary. 
 It was stated that after 2300 as well as earlier 0500 0600 inward the morning, the hairdryer should non live on used inward illustration of disturbance to other guests.
Take note: Toilets are shared with males as well as females as well as thence this mightiness live on a employment for some females due to privacy.
 However, often, when I had my showers, at that spot was entirely 1 or ii mortal inward the spacious washroom as well as at that spot was no mad rush. With many shower stalls of almost 10 (?), I did non cause got to queue with a bunch of people to struggle for showers.  In terms of privacy, I felt quite prophylactic somehow as well as was non worried almost someone peeping. Their staff oft brand rounds to the bath too.
The couple/family rooms volition cause got their mini bath within. 


You tin cook, boil H2O or role whatever of the kitchen utensils/ equipment. H5N1 huge mutual refrigerator is also available.

Condiments similar oil, sauces were also available for use.
All utensils were neatly categorised. 


Just beside the kitchen on the highest level, is the lounge/seating area. 

 Tourists data booklets were readily available.

Books for your browsing.

 You tin come upward up hither if y'all demand to create some reading or research, sunlight is ample inward the twenty-four hours as well as the whole expanse looks lovely plenty to pass a morning time inward if y'all cause got the fourth dimension to linger.


In the day, it is a tranquillity neighbourhood with residential, mini-shops, kindergartens as well as fifty-fifty a burn station.  The hostel is a brusque walk of 15-20 minutes to Asakusa when y'all stroll along the Sumida River.

Spotting Nui.

 Nui. may await 'hidden' with the similar looking buildings, spot the burn station as well as Nui. volition live on the kickoff edifice correct approximately the corner correct across.
 The nearest station volition live on Kuramae Station on either Oedo Line or Asakusa Line.

This is the Fire Station facing Nui.


Bicycle rentals were available at the hostel. In a niggling enclave, surrounded past times shops as well as residential units, Nui. is a tranquillity identify to live on away from the hustle of the urban substance expanse without compromising on the place as well as convenience. Just to add together on that the staff were well-spoken inward English linguistic communication too.

I walked approximately the neighbourhood as well as spotted a kindergarten, brilliant as well as cheery.

It was non opened on weekends as well as thence did non spot whatever adorable kids around.

The Sakura nevertheless made a lovely complement with the school 

I adjacent spotted a communal park/sports facility.

And at that spot were children playing baseball.

Spotted pretty Plum Blossoms (Maehwa) inward bloom.

The pretty pinkish as well as white.
These Maehwa blooms were as well as thence vibrant as well as strong, they were fifty-fifty improve than the other withering Sakura blooms I saw during my trip.

 Nui.Tokyo Hostel & Bar Lounge is definitely a worthy identify to visit for your remain inward Tokyo — dorm or individual room style. They cause got it all as well as the prices are reasonable too. Do consider!

Nui.Tokyo Central Hostel.,

 2-14-13 Kuramae Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


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