Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: 2D1n Halong Bay Cruise — 24-Hour Interval 2


On a side note, nosotros had wanted to grab the sunrise but alas, despite waking upward early on similar 5am addition in addition to having our sights affixed on the large windows inwards front end of us from our room, nosotros didn't topographic point whatever amazing sunrise.
It could last on the other side of the ship, but nosotros did non measurement out from our room every bit it was chilly exterior on the deck in addition to nosotros had wanted to function out on warm inwards the room.
We wondered why in that place were no Sun rays or were they only blocked past times the towering islets.
Have y'all caught the sunset on Halong Bay before?

Tai Chi Strokes

Most, if non all tour packages nosotros saw has this really intriguing segment on the itinerary — Morning Tai Chi. 
We were a send total of immature people in addition to if y'all mean value this is for the seniors, thus nope. Surprisingly, many on board turned upward for the morn 6.30am class. We were non masters, but well, for the spirit of fun! 

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 Cooking Demo

The Chef tour guide showed us through a demo on the regain of making our ain Vietnamese traditional spring rollsEveryone had a lead chances at rolling the boundary rolls for ourselves.

After which, our boundary rolls were deep fried earlier served

We had these dwelling cooked nutrient (tasted great) for lunch.
There were to a greater extent than dishes but nosotros were already tucking inwards past times then, thus no photos.

Our final halt for the 24-hour interval earlier returning to Hanoi City was the Sung Sot Cave, one of the nigh beautifully acclaimed caves inwards Halong Bay which saw us hiking upward or thus  600 steps, enchanted past times the limestone formations.

1. Sung Sot Cave

One of the nigh famous caves inwards Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave is spectacular easily accessible past times ascending upward flights of well-paved stairs. Within the cave, last enthralled by thousands of stalagmites and stalactites formations illuminated past times colorful spotlights along the way.

Sidetrack: The Japanese guests, inwards particular, were given each a radio in addition to earpiece from which they could clearly overhear the tour guide's explanations in addition to they were moving really S-L-O-W-L-Y inwards the cave. We were thinking it could last a tour grouping from Japan.
We, on the other hand, amongst our local Vietnamese guide, every bit amongst many other groups of tourists, did non sense the same moments. We had no guided tour in addition to everyone was presently walking at their ain measurement ( every bit it was crowded), amongst the guide non actually bothering to accept a caput count. 

We presently "lost" our guide amid the ocean of people. It was a pity really, existence inwards such a beautiful in addition to meaning house but non knowing the facts in addition to bits.
 I estimate for the prices paid this was the best it could be?
We walked thus fast trying to grab upward amongst the guide that nosotros didn't actually accept fourth dimension to appreciate in addition to sightsee — which nosotros should have.

1st Part
The interior of the cave illuminated past times dazzling lights.

Look Out For Colors

This share of the cave is presumably the centrepiece, existence illuminated at its nigh colorful.

Photobombed amongst no pick every bit it was likewise crowded. 
We grabbed a stranger to assist us amongst the photos.

On the agency out to the function out from the cave...

2nd part
This role of the Sung Sot cave sees natural calorie-free filtering from to a higher house in addition to also serves every bit the exit.

Once y'all produce got reached the top, looking down, this is what y'all volition see.

And nosotros took a photograph at the exit...

...before descending downward over again towards the docking area.

This marked the halt of the Sung Sot journeying every bit nosotros headed dorsum to our ship

Our send 'Scorpion'


Laze on the deck admiring the scene of Halong Bay or only relish the salty breeze. It was definitely a memorable sense in addition to I would recommend y'all to endeavor out for a nighttime cruise on the bay.
Experience the beauty of Halong Bay!


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