Things to do in Singapore: [Beauty] What Yous Tin Larn At The Asia Spa University Singapore

Spa Industry
If you lot are inwards the beauty industry, inwards especially SPA, you lot powerfulness hold upwards interested to know that Singapore has its ain Asia Spa Academy (ASA). If this sounds novel to you lot as well as therefore it definitely came every bit a surprise for me too. 
The ASA prides itself inwards providing high lineament grooming for spa owners as well as staff  in this competitive market. Think of it every bit an institute/ manufacture network combined altogether, gelling non alone spa as well as health players from Singapore but also inwards Asia. If you lot are considering upgrading your/your staff skillsets in relating to the spa as well as health industry, as well as therefore ASA is the house to caput to for your training needs. 

Be a Master
It was an oculus opener for me to hold upwards able to attend the  2 days ASA Wellness Spa Master Class, every bit business office of Expressions' Ambassador plan as well as to empathise to a greater extent than nearly what goes behind the scene. I was particularly intrigued yesteryear invitee speaker, Dr Tae Su Jang , Seoul National University as well as his insightful sharings. Dr Jung has a rich background every bit a Doctor of Pharmacy of Yeongnam University College of Pharmacy as well as is currently a professor at Institutes of Green Bio Science Technology of Seoul National University. 
He gave us sharings as well as learning points on the importance of medical health as well as how spas should comprehend such integration moving forward, away from manifestly focusing on beauty services. 

As the past Executive Director of Cha-Um of Cha Hospital, Dr Jung also shared amongst us Cha-Um, an unique 'hospital' of sorts where you lot tin accept every trunk checks as well as tests done.  Korea Medical Spa is booming as well as they offering many advanced medical technologies inwards add-on to beauty services. This is definitely a benchmark as well as nutrient for idea for the spas currently inwards the SEA region.

Basically Dr Jung shared many of the best practices that can eventually drive towards profitable spa business.

It was inwards all a refreshing experience and leeway into the Spa sector as well as thank you lot to Expressions for hosting. 

Co- Founder of ASA- Dr Theresa Chew-Tan giving the opening speech

Dr Tae Su Jung giving his presentation


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