Things to do in Singapore: [Beauty/Health] Menstruheat Relieves Menstrual Cramps + #Giveaway

Natural Heat Remedy
PSLove wants to brand every women experience at repose during their current in addition to to salvage menstrual hurting which is then usually establish in addition to prevalent inwards to a greater extent than than 50% of the woman someone population, they proudly acquaint their flagship production — MenstruHeat
MenstruHeat is nil to a greater extent than than an au natural rut pad formulated to achieve a therapeutic temperature for effective menstrual hurting relief. It's non-medicated in addition to extra convenient to convey around. 

Why heat?
Heat has been clinically proven to run yesteryear relaxing uterine muscles, inwards plough promoting blood circulation in addition to bringing inwards to a greater extent than oxygen to affected area, reducing cramps in addition to backaches. 

3 ways to use MenstruHeat
Choose your favourite temperature yesteryear selecting which expanse to paste.
Caution: depository fiscal establishment tally your peel every 1-2 hours to foreclose frigidity lav or blistering.
For the best effect, stick on 2-4 hours earlier hurting every bit rut takes fourth dimension to penetrate into your trunk in addition to to get got effect.

My Thoughts
You volition last glad to know that MenstruHeat is registered amongst the Health Science Authority of Singapore in addition to is locally designed yesteryear PS Love. 

For me, I stick simply about the womb expanse on top of the underwear to allow it gradually transmit the rut to the area, soothing whatever hurting I mightiness have. It takes 5-10 minutes to teach actually hot then last patient. Besides, there's no side number actually in addition to doesn't itch your peel later on peel-off. What a life saver!! I get got passed on to friends who get got tried in addition to they sang raves on MenstruHeat in addition to its repose of use. 

Stock Up!
Subscription online starts from every bit depression every bit $4.50 for every two pieces inwards two months in addition to comes amongst FREE transportation in addition to you lot tin lav pick out the quantity. How's that for convenience? 

They are immediately also stocked at Guardian Stores for the same toll of 2 pieces

Quote my Name "JIAHUI" for 20% off outset lodge on

So if you lot similar to try, I volition last doing a Twin Pack giveaway to two lucky girls!
 ( P.S Guys, you lot tin lav win it every bit a gift to your girlfriend/wife too!) 

2. Comment on IG post why you lot desire to win it
3. Tag two friends who needs MenstruHeat 
4. Repost IG amongst #jiagivaway

Giveaway ends 20th September!
Good Luck! 


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