Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] Abc Cooking Studio- Cake Baking ( Takashimaya, Singapore)

Bake the Batter
So JH ger got us to sign upwards for a lawsuit session at ABC cooking Studio together with it was actually fun! It terms us  $80 for four pax. U.P $35
We hopped over i 24-hour interval together with chose the Gateau au Chocolat class, took us nearly four hours inward all. 

Little Chefs
While waiting for our bakes nosotros saw unopen to adorable kids inward the midst of their cooking lessons!
So adorable! But I doubtfulness one-half they fourth dimension they lead maintain no catch what they are doing, 
Anyways, seems similar the adults are helping them pretty much.
Still, they were together with then cute inward their chef's hat 

And nosotros spotted wagashi courses going on too... pretty cool stuff
So our bakes were done together with nosotros were all happy. 
Seriously it was non difficult together with pretty slow because all he ingredients lead maintain been weighed together with prepared together with nosotros merely threw them inward at whichever steps. The saccharide content nosotros lead maintain asked if it could hold upwards reduced, but because of the necessity to fluff upwards etc., it was non possible. 
So yah, fun to produce because nosotros don't lead maintain to prepare, build clean together with pack but if it's at home, non slow to replicate the exact pretty cake. Too much details to follow. 
I am certain for the serious bakers, this is no sweat, but for me rather, I lead maintain it every bit a quondam fun affair to experience.
 I rather merely savour. :D

Happy bakers amongst out happy bakes.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hit of trial classes are avail from Japanese Hamburg Steak together with Onion Soup, Ham Mayonnaise Bread together with Cinnamon Roll etc,

391A Orchard Road #03-12 Takashimaya S.C.


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