Things to do in Singapore: [Eats] A Poke Theory's Salubrious Bowl ( Boon Tat St.)

Poke-y Bowl
Need a wholesome salubrious bowl of grains to experience less guilty over that Korean fried chicken from terminal night? Well, y'all mightiness endure inwards luck, for unopen to other novel histrion has arrived inwards town promising 'Food Gone Healthy'.
It's all that nosotros promise for. Big on taste, small-scale on calories. (Don’t we?)
Plenty of greens toppings after as well as I am sold.

1 bowl of Poke (pronounced equally "poh-kay") makes me happy as well as glee over the consumption of salubrious nutrients. 

Owning a Poke bowl ($11.50 onwards)
The steps are fairly easy.
First, select a base of operations from 3 choices available: Lemon Herb Quinoa( sounds zesty enough), Sushi Rice or Romaine Lettuce.

Next, select a 'flavor' to teach with. This is where the poly peptide comes inwards as well as y'all tin select from Tuna inwards Shoyu or Spicy Garlic Sesame. If tuna is non your thing, run yesteryear upward $1 to a greater extent than for Salmon inwards Spicy Mayo or Avocado Miso. 
Either agency the names convey gotten me drooling already. 

Lastly, select toppings to teach with. 
If y'all are non a fussy eater as well as honey veggies, I propose getting a mix of everything which includes pineapple, carrot, cherry tomato, cucumber, edamame as well as run yesteryear alongside tobiko as well as nori flakes.

And there! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 total insta-worthy bowl of wholesome goodness.
Aren't the colours gorgeous? 

If the toppings are non enough, assistance yourself to to a greater extent than at the side bar,
Chili flakes, shallots, tori as well as the dissimilar sauces are all available for your spice up. 

The Taste
We had a teach at Tuna inwards Shoyu as well as Spicy Garlic Sesame as well as both were only equally flavorful as well as tasty. Fresh tuna cubes thoroughly marinated as well as jazzing upward the entire bowl alongside the desired flavors, a perfect check alongside the fresh veggie toppings. 
Base wise, the quinoa stood out for beingness slow on the breadbasket as well as was punchy alongside each grain. The sushi rice was smashing equally good alongside hints of vinegar spice as well as garlic mix. 

To endure honest, both combinations were winners.  

A Poke Theory also serves smoothie bowls which await promising plenty for a provide trip. 
So till adjacent time!
P.S: The immature service crew were actually friendly equally well. Bonus points for that. 

A Poke Theory

27 Boon Tat Street
Weekdays 11am-6pm
Weekends 10am-4pm


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