Things to do in Singapore: Hanoi- Five Things To Produce At The Former Quarters

The Old Quarters

This nostalgic charming maze of 36 streets is littered amongst shops dedicated to diverse trades such every bit silk, toys, ceramic, jewellery etc. Our boutique hotel was on the toys street
( More on that at the cease of the post).

With the gloomy weather condition together with muggy air inward the morning, nosotros experienced a unlike stride together with atmosphere in 1 lawsuit nosotros stepped out from the hotel.
The traffic was a unsafe endless flow of motorbikes together with the locals were almost their daily chores inward mere nonchalant.

Erosion of culture?
 Have the locals felt the touching on from the influx of tourists together with unusual faces?
For them, life goes on together with is a welcome change.

1. Eat at Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant is what I volition recommend if you lot are pressed for fourth dimension together with yet wanna sense local cuisine.
I exactly loved what they serve exclusively 1 dish Cha Ca La Vong, going past times the same advert — grilled fish slices, thrown inward amongst dill, shrimp paste, turmeric, fish sauce, chilli, peanuts cooked on the sizzling pan, accompanied amongst rice vermicelli.

The store is pretty 'subtle' amongst no signage or lightings, however, you lot volition last able to spot the 'Petmart' exactly contrary every bit a volition last on the correct track. 

In my opinion, the fragrance of the stirred fried along amongst the condiments was a wonderful spousal human relationship that kept me salivating together with could non halt eating amongst vermicelli.
The store seemed to cause got renovated, looking to a greater extent than modernized together with sporting a larger store forepart compared to past times photos.
Here it is! Cooking together with grooming volition last done past times the staff.

Price & Address
845 000VND for iii pax.; 280 000 for 1 pax
14 Cha Ca Street, Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
+84 438253929

2. Walk Hoan Kiem Lake

At the background, northern cease of the lake lies Ngoc Son Temple, built inward the 18th century. It was a compassion nosotros were non able to last at that topographic point during the solar daytime to witness its tranquility together with authentically humane nature. I would propose you lot to brand a see to the temple if fourth dimension allows to capture the charming temple architecture together with that cherry-red bridge.
Operating hours:8am to 5pm.

3. "Squat" past times the route side 

'Lim' ( singapore colloqial for drinking) Kopi (coffee) past times the hipster expanse of Hanoi intersection along Pho Ta Hien. 
One side is where the pubs, discos, clubs are ( intend expensive spendings) together with the other corner lies the traditional kopi shops. The dark never ends. 
Chill together with people watch.

They served a hit of local nutrient from Pho to Banh Mi but nosotros exclusively ordered snacks to chill, along amongst Saigon Beer

4. Scale the highest point

This roundabout has got to last the centrepiece at The Old Quarters.
There are many restaurants lining upward along around the original fountain,  but if you lot desire to larn something uncomplicated together with relish the panoramic view, together with then caput to Highlanders Coffee similar nosotros did. 

We exactly ordered a cuppa Highlanders Coffee accept inward the bustling dark scenery of the Old Quarters. There are lots of people clamouring for those s degree outdoor seats. Good luck amongst that!

5. Watch a Water Puppet Show

Just diagonally across the street from the Hoan Kiem Lake is wherThang Long Water Puppet Theatre lies. Watch scenes of Vietnam's history performed past times puppets inward elaborate costumes accompanied past times folk music.
One of the most acclaimed theatres inward Hanoi together with conveniently located amongst sold-out puppet shows.

** Be at that topographic point early on to snap the tickets!
We missed in 1 lawsuit when the demonstrate was amount together with give thank you lot god nosotros had 1 to a greater extent than dark inward Hanoi to seek in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than together with managed to purchase the tickets.
No reservations are allowed together with no advanced purchases together with no photography within the theatre.
I honey the demonstrate for its local folk elements together with music.

Where We Stayed

Victory Hotel is a pocket-size boutique hotel amongst basic facilities, overnice friendly staff together with breakfast provided. The rooms were cleaned together with the bed comfy enough. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 budget accommodation for those who don't require likewise much of a fanciful stay.

Address: No. iii Hang Quat Street, Hoan Kiem Distirct, Hanoi, Vietnam

Breakfast prepared on the spot past times the staff. 

That's all for now! Thank you.





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