Things to do in Singapore: Interview Alongside Laborme Founders


If you lot have got read nearly my review of the LaborMe App  , then you lot would have got known this thought was born in addition to breed inwards Singapore. Curious to discovery out who are the creators of this handyman app which encourages peer-to-peer method of connecting to people who needs assist inwards completing tasks or to consummate tasks for others? 
I was privileged to have got a brusque interview alongside the Founders Vincent Cheong in addition to Vincent Ong. 
These 2 buddies shared how the LaborMe journeying came about. 
Vincent Cheong on the extreme left in addition to Vincent Ong is on the right.

Qns:How long have got you lot been toying alongside this thought of a startup?

Ans: Starting LaborMe is non something that I planned for but when the idea struck , my co founders in addition to I were thence excited nearly it - nosotros acted on it quickly. It was non merely the thought of your “neighbour” helping you lot alongside errands that excited us. LaborMe would lower the barrier to participate inwards the sharing economic scheme in addition to extend it to almost everyone. This presents novel in addition to exciting opportunities every bit nosotros transit into a “gig- economy”. 

Qns: You were academically trained inwards electrical engineering in addition to reckoner science, how much has this helped you lot when it comes to setting upward LaborMe?

 Ans: Prior to my F&B business, I was inwards the information technology manufacture for 10 years. The preparation in addition to sense inwards engineering is definitely useful but running a startup is much to a greater extent than than that. As nosotros developed the thought further, the challenges nosotros faced were generally inwards the non technical aspect. An instance is how tin nosotros “foster” trust betwixt 2 seemingly unrelated individuals, the user in addition to the tasker, through the LaborMe application. 
After many discussions, nosotros decided to embark on a multi prong process: 
● Peer reviews to assist users relate their sense alongside the tasker
● Multi marking verification. This starts from the uncomplicated verification of merely electrochemical cell disclose to requiring private to come upward to our purpose for a brusque briefing in addition to screening.
 ● Skills endorsement. We volition awards badges to deserving private when they consistently display a high measure of service inwards a detail category of task
● Conscientious inwards educating our users/ taskers in addition to imposing restrictions on those that neglect to abide the an acceptable marking of responsibleness in addition to responsiveness

Qns: How long did it bring to develop the app from testing till its official launch ?

Ans: The evolution of the entire application is done locally in addition to in-house, from the kickoff twenty-four hours when I sat downwards to write the kickoff describe of code to the twenty-four hours nosotros officially launched the app took a skillful 10 months. Besides the evolution efforts, nosotros went through 2 rounds of shut testing in addition to 1 circular of opened upward testing to non solely examine the application but to a greater extent than importantly get together feedbacks that nosotros have got incorporated into the application.

Qns: I am pretty excited nearly the porting over of nutrient items from Johor Bahru such every bit alongside Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Is at that spot a possibility the JB nutrient options volition endure expanding? And if yes, how practice you lot ensure that the nutrient stays fresh in addition to remains inwards a skillful acre upon delivery from across the causeway.

Ans: Yes! We are definitely looking to expand our JB shopping to include daily essentials similar shampoos in addition to cleaning supplies, infant essentials similar milk powders in addition to diapers in addition to fifty-fifty contact lenses that would assist our users salve upward to 60% off regular retail prices hither inwards Singapore. 
Our ethos at LaborMe is that nosotros solely serve upward in addition to offering what is attractive in addition to acceptable to ourselves. As alongside items that nosotros offering to buy on people’s behalf, my squad in addition to I have got tried both the items in addition to the delivery procedure that ensure that this is something that nosotros are confident that is both attractive to our users in addition to is nosotros much achievable past times our taskers. 
Currently, our users are required to preorder 1 twenty-four hours inwards advance for Uncle Tetsu in addition to our Taskers volition buy them the side past times side twenty-four hours in addition to deliver straight to our users. This is to ensure that the nutrient is fresh. Immediate purchase. Immediate delivery. 

Qns: Any interesting stories to part from the users or taskers since LaborMe started out?

Ans: We have got seen some pretty interesting tasks created in addition to have got helped our users:
 ● Sent flowers in addition to gifts to their surreptitious admirers
 ● Surprised a friend who was working at the other side of Singapore
 ● Helped a user sent his maid to the airport 
● Helped a retail outlet count the disclose of human traffic at his store 
● Helped a user collect her spectacles from her trouble solid in addition to deliver them to her office.

Qns: Tell us something nosotros don’t already know nearly LaborMe. 

Ans: Essentially, nosotros are on-demand Personal Assistants to our users who tin literally outsource to us anything nether the sun! Sort of similar Amex’s exclusive Centurion Card if you lot will.
 There is an Everything Else category that would allow you lot to practice a chore for whatsoever assist that you lot need. Some chore examples that nosotros have got received: Assembling IKEA Furniture, businesses seeking discovery portion fourth dimension assist in addition to many more! 

Qns: What’s coming upward side past times side for LaborMe?

Ans: We are e'er looking to expand our production offering to render to a greater extent than services that would assist our users more. We are moving into trouble solid cleaning where nosotros have got received quite a few requests in addition to nosotros recollect to practice this alongside local Singaporeans in addition to are currently inwards talks alongside an NGO to assist unmarried mums who require flexible move arrangements in addition to nosotros are doing this every bit portion of our LaborMe gives dorsum movement.

Tasks Made Easy
Inspiring stories nosotros have got there. I promise this article has brought you lot some motivation in addition to ideas also if you lot are toying circular the thought of edifice your ain startup. 

 LaborMe definitely looks laid to farther their expansion locally, where at that spot is definitely demand for some other "helping hand" always. Now you lot know who to telephone telephone side past times side when you lot demand a helping hand. 
The 'Taskers' volition endure correct at that spot 24/7!


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