Things to do in Singapore: Joo Bar Sg — Korean Fusion ( Bugis)

Korean Fusion 
I had seen too therefore many gorgeous instagrams of the nutrient served at Joo Bar, it was sure enough tempting for a personal visit. They are opened solely afterwards 530pm too therefore it tin laissez passer on the axe move a combat difficult if y'all wanna notice a slot to larn inwards for lunch. 
So how did the nutrient go?
Read on. 

Dak Kang Jung 
Chicken tenders glazed amongst gochujung ( spicy sweetness sacue), honey, garlic too chopped nuts. 
Great bites possibly amongst makegeolli too beer. Was nice, but didn't actually wow us. 

Seafood Rappoki
I had high hopes for Seafood Rappoki. Having seen too therefore much raves virtually this seemingly melty cheese ricecake pot. Alas, We it arrived too nosotros had a taste, it didn;t gave us the WOW factor. In fact the chesse was difficult ( likewise hard) too the pot turned mutual frigidity quickly. It was a interesting fusion mix— due east amongst west. But the ingredients were simply rather bland too manifestly together? The solely binding sense of savour was the cheese. 
Shrimp, clams, mussles,squid, morzarella too toppoki too ramyeon, 

Home Brewed Organic Makgeolli
$15 Small ( $10 during Happy Hours)

Overall, nosotros didn't felt the Korean fusion was delivered on point. Nice concept an all. The bar was pretty cool amongst a bar counter at degree 1 too dining areas on sec too tertiary levels. However nosotros prefered other Korean establishments should nosotros actually desire to accept Korean cuisine.
Moreover, the house was actually noisy amongst conversations bouncing off everywhere too it could move difficult if y'all are at that topographic point for serious chit-chats. 
What's more, they also restricted us to exit past times 1.5hrs or so... ( if I remembered correctly) because out seats were reserved. 
In actual fact, nosotros sat past times the stipulated timing too the surrounding seats were vacant.  
What's upwards amongst the restrictions?

Joo Bar Sg

5 Tan Quee Lan St
 ( Just Opposite Bugis Juction)
Singapore 188094
Open daily from 5.30pm - 12am


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