Things to do in Singapore: Nanyang Technological Academy Ten Heatherwick — Learning Hub (Singapore)

Nanyang Technological University

My alma mater has popular off an incubator of inventiveness as well as inspiration. It right away exudes bird as well as style, improving on the olden days of precisely ho-hum greyish blocks of engineering or trouble concern buildings 
( Though yes, they still exist. Just Saying.). 
Just over final twelvemonth inward March 2015, intelligence unloosen came out announcing the completion of the Learning Hub. I remembered commencement scanning the pages on this peculiar architecture which looks as well as thus "out of place'" with the other older blocks on the South Spine. Then, all I allow out was exclamations of envy over what my younger juniors would move able to relish on. Such a beauty.  

Of course of report that aside, I was most surprised, inward a goodness way, that (possibly?) large bucks were spent on having Designer Thomas Heatherwick as well as his London-based Heatherwick Studio to operate on such an extraordinary conceptualization?

The architecture itself screams out of this world. Breathtaking as well as astonishing. I am no proficient inward pattern nor architecture but merely precisely an amuture penning downward what I felt nigh these royal 12 towers to a greater extent than aptly known inward Singapore's context every bit 'DimSum Baskets' or official every bit 'The Hive'. 

The business office of Learning Hub is to allow students to mix social with academy. Multiple rooms available for project works or discussions, with naturally ventilated spaces to allow air flow. 
Totally, eco-friendly with no AC along Earth spaces. 

An oasis inward the urbans of sorts. 
"werid" nooks as well as balconies protruding at diverse angles as well as turns alongside the many concrete columns.
ENJOY the pictures! 

Inside the LIBRARY- entirely facility opened on a Sat as well as accessible to public.
So contemporary modern as well as comfy


Take a closer hold back at the tower as well as yous volition encounter over 700 embossed drawings by illustrator Sara Fanelli, depicting images from science, fine art as well as literature. 

NOW, Moving on to the EXTERIOR.
It's approximately other sense altogether. 

Though no longer an undergraduate, I am notwithstanding proud to move an alumni of NTU as well as seeing its progress has actually brought on much pride as well as memories of the undergraduate days.

This edifice has been as well as volition move featured inward many to a greater extent than of Heatherwick Studio's roving exhibitions worldwide, along with their other portfolios of course of report ( As I convey seen at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei this year.)
Singapore as well as NTU volition right away convey to a greater extent than of an international footprint.

52 Nanyang Avenue


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