Things to do in Singapore: [New] F&N Nutrisoy Rich Inward Omega — Inward Two Rich Flavors

Chocolates or Milk? 
( Not that choclotes are bad but, good everything has to endure taken at moderation as well as I honey chocolates! ^_^)

Benefits of Soya Milk
Do yous know that drinking soya milk 30-minutes prior to a repast tin plough over the axe significantly cut the sum of blood saccharide grade subsequently eating? It's true. 
This written report was conducted yesteryear Singapore’s Clinical Nutrition Research Centre inward 2015 and published inward European Journal of Nutrition .

Soybeans offering amino-acids needed for optimal increment as well as maintenance of trunk tissues. F&N NutriSoy inward particular offers the goodness of ALA Omega-3 from flaxseed that is shown to ameliorate blood lipid profile, reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases.  Fortified alongside Calcium as well as Vitamin D for stronger as well as healthier bones. 

oh yes, Soybeans are likewise low G.I, due to its high protein as well as dietary fibre contents as well as that translates into slower nutrient interruption down, resulting inward a sustained free of sugar.

Lap upward those Soya!
Start your twenty-four hours correct alongside a salubrious beverage or every bit a snack mid-day to piece of employment on your hunger at bay. 

Available inward ii variants Reduced Sugar as well as No Sugar Added variants, F&N NutriSoy Fresh Soya Milk alongside Omega and retails at Recommended Selling Price of S$2.35 for the regular attain or S$2.45 for Omega attain per 1-litre pack as well as is available inward major supermarkets as well as hypermarkets as well as selected convenience stores.


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