Things to do in Singapore: [ New!] Pepper Dejeuner Brings Salted Egg Carbonara, It's Addictive

Hello Yellow! 
In August final calendar month commemorating our nation's 51st birthday ( as well as inward celebrating all things #saltedeggyolk trending now), Pepper Lunch introduced closed to novel tantalizing add-on to their menu. Elgena brought me along to a nutrient tasting session as well as it was absolutely fun to chit chat as well as bask the egg-citing dishes. 
Here were the deeds.

Starters to began amongst Pumpkin soup as well as crush potatoes! Yums

Salted Egg Carbonara. Oh Yes! 
After closed to xv minutes of waiting, our much anticipated salted Egg Carbonara came out pipping hot as well as beautifully laid upon on the hot plate amongst prawns, chicken, dried chili as well as salted egg yolk paste. All at that spot was left was to pour inward the cream sauce!! 

Salivating yet?
Mix the salted egg glue commencement earlier pouring inward the cream sauce. 
As the sauce was poured in, it thickened as well as good sizzled on the hot plate. 

Gorgeous mix
Mix good as well as you lot are all laid upward to tuck in!!  The al dente pasta amongst the thick cream sauce as well as salty egg glue makes a savory gustatory modality combination, leaving you lot dancing as well as forgetting close the possible calories gained. The dash of curry leaves as well as dried blood-red chili upped the spice tantalizing mix. 
Now, SLURP information technology UP. 

With the ger.

After much snapping as well as having the whole delish plate of carbonara, nosotros ended things on a sweetness greenback amongst the desserts. First lawsuit at their desserts as well as it was good! Smooth as well as creamy 

Good NEWS!! 
There is nonetheless fourth dimension for you lot to try out this express edition, solely till 28 September 2016!!
Hurry downward to all Pepper Lunch Restaurants ( excluding Pepper Lunch Express Stalls) .
$12.90 ala carte, 

Hot plate pasta goodness at Pepper Lunch! WE LIKE!



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