Things to do in Singapore: Nifty Eastern Women's Function 2016

Run To Live Great
The Great Eastern Women's Run came to a happy halt yesterday ( xiii November). The race saw hundreds of women as well as immature ladies joining races of diverse categories. So many amazing women as well as stories behind it all. 

To all women ( as well as supportive men) who participated as well as supported inward the races, give thanks you! Hope you lot had a nifty fourth dimension out as well as thank you lot on for 2017! 

Thanks to GEWR for the chance to bring together in, though I had a  muscle stain as well as could solely larn for 5km. It was fun as well as I am certain every ladies had too enjoyed their fourth dimension amongst families as well as friends. 
 Let's target 10km side yesteryear side year! ( or who knows 21.1km?) :)
Scroll downward for pictures of the race day!

Good Morning Sunday

Every lady received this generous goodie purse from Great Eastern as well as the sponsors equally purpose of the race pack  

Race 24-hour interval morn was beautiful amongst the early on sunrise. 

Here's Elgena amongst me that day.

We ran as well as conquered.

Medals as well as all. 

At the halt point, a huge carnival awaited for all runners.
From pulverization room to sugariness snacks, happiness for all I would say.

We ended amongst lots of snacks similar muffins from Polar Cake, popsicles from F&N Magnolia, yogurt from Chobani, Oat Milk from Fruit Tree Fresh. Yums to supplement the loose energy for all runners.



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